1652 – St Lorenz Basilika, Kempten, Bavaria

Architect: Michael Beer, Johann Serro




Under the direction of the Prince Abbott Giel of Gielsberg, the St Lorenz Basilika was begun on 13 April 1652. Under the guidance of the masterbuilder Michael Beer the nave, the ground floor of the towers and the choir were constructed. Later, this work was continued by Johann Serro. The towers were originally finished without the final stage and cupolas, these were added in the last century. The exterior is quite striking with the twin towers on the western facade, and this masks a fabulous Baroque interior.

The interior is very ornate with no transepts but a wide central nave and two aisles lined by side altars to various saints. The aisles are lower than the central nave allowing for two galleries to overlook the it. The ceiling is what attracts the eye upon entering, the vast areas of painted decoration leading the eye to the very ornate apse and altars.