1875 – Redemptorists Church, Brookline, Boston, Massachusetts

Architect: E. Welby Pugin


From The Architect, March 13, 1875: this week give an illustration of the new Redemptorists’ Church at Brooklyne, near Boston, U.S. The church will be erected of Ohio white and a local stone of a greenish tint. The plan consists of a nave, double aisles, and transepts, and the building measures over all 260 feet in length by 120 feet in width, and will be 70 feet to the groining, which will be in timber. At the junction of nave and transepts the walls will be carried np so as to form a lantern 40 feet square, which will terminate octagonally, and will be open to the church. In addition to the high altar there will be sixteen minor altars. In addition to the church a monastery for the Redemptorist Fathers is also contemplated. The building will be erected by the Very Rev. Father Friday, from the designs of Mr. E. Welby Pugin, of London and New York. Never constructed.