1884 – St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Reading, Berkshire

Architect: John Sulman


“A square site necessitate a departure from the usual type of planning, and advantage was taken of this to produce a building practicaly without obstruction to sight. A line drawn from the pulpit through the four columns only cuts across the passages to the seats. Some doubt was expressed when the design was prepared as to the acoustic properties of the building, but it has proved a perfect success. Sittings for 600 persons are provided on the groundfloor and in the end gallery, but these can be increased to 900 at a slight expense by the insertion of side galleries. The materials adapted are red bricks externally, and white ditio internally ; Bath stone dressings, slating for roofs, and timber and boarding for the inner ceilings. All wood-work is of pitch-pine. The work has been well carried out by Mr. Filewood, of Reading, at a cost of about £4,500, under the superintendence of the architect, Mr. John Sulman, 1, Furnival’s-inn, E.G. The drawing from which the lithograph was taken appeared in the last exhibition of the Royal Academy.” Published in The Building News, February 11, 1881.