1884 – Littlecroft, New Forest, Hampshire

Architect: Ernest George & Peto


“Littlecroft is a house and studio now building in the New Forest for Mr. Morton K. Peto. The external quarterings is of oak with parquet filling-in. The slope of the ground is take advantage of so that an extra room is obtained in the height of the main gable, a boudoir being arranged on the first landing and above the porch. The oak staircase is worked in a square space behind posts and arches and can be screened by curtains from the hall, which latter is arranged to form an additional room to the house. The studio has an open roof and gallery and one end. The dining-room has an ingle behind an oak arch; overhead the beans are shownm and a ceiling of wood panell with mitred mouldings.” from The Building News, November 1st 1884.