1881 – Warwick Farm Dairies, St. Peters Park, Paddington, London

Architect: Edward Vigers


“We illustrate this week, by plans and perspective, new buildings erected for Messrs. John Welford and Sons, dairymen to the Queen. The buildings occupy a commanding position at St. Peter’s Park, Paddington, and are intended to provide for the increasing business of Messrs. Welford in this district. The block at the extreme comer is designed for the purposes of a dairy and residence. On the basement the whole space is devoted to the cleaning of the very numerous cans used in the business, and for this purpose a powerful boiler will be erected, and »’«o an ingenious piece of machinery for cleaning churns. The floor is laid with asphalt on concrete, as also are the areas, &c.. Spacious storage is also provided on this floor. On the ground- floor is provided a large general office, two smaller offices (Mr. Welford’s one having a door communicating with the yard), large shop, a spacious turning space, where the milk is delivered on its arrival from the farms.” Published in The Building News, September 30 1881.