1881 – Royal Princess Theatre, Oxford Street, London

Architect: C.J. Phipps


The Pricess’s Theatre between Winsley Street and Wells Street, Oxford Street. The theatre was demolished in 1931 to make way for a large Woolworth store, which itself was replaced by a shopping centre, Oxford Walk, which was subsequently replaced by HMV, Oxford Street. The numbering of the street has changed and the site is now at No. 150, Oxford Street.

“This theatre, recently erected from the designs of Mr. C.J. Phipps, F.S.A., has a frontage toward Oxford-street of 21ft., and is built in Portland stone. Over the entrance is an open loggia 8ft. deep, forming a balcony overlooking the street. This is approached from the smoking-room and grand foyer on the level with the dress-circle corridor.” Published in The Building News, April 1 1881.