1881 – The Northamptonshire Banking Co., Stamford, Lincolnshire

Architect: W. Talbot Brown


Designed for The Northamptonshire Banking Co., and published in The Building News, May 20th 1881. “These premises, facing the High-street, were completed at the end of last year. The front i» built of Portland stone on the ground-floor, with Bath above. Owing to the narrowness of the street, it was not thought desirable to carry out the high-pitch roof as shown in the illustration, a flatter one being substituted. The accommodation includes a large banking-room with high panelled wainscoting, desks, counter, mantel,. &c., in walnut, mahogany, and oak, from the architect’s special designs, in front, and manager’s and strong-rooms in direct communication, and a residence for the manager, with dining-room, kitchen, and other necessary offices on the ground-floor ; drawing-room in the front on the first floor, and several bed- rooms, bath-rooms, &c., on this and the second floors. The whole of the works were well executed by Messrs. Roberts Bros., of Stamford, Mr. W. Talbot Brown, of Wellingborough, being the architect.”