1881 – Homestead, Akenham, Ipswich, Suffolk

Architect: Alfred Conder


“The buildings shown upon the bird’s-eye view are being erected for Mr. James Clarke, at Akenham Hall Farm, upon a new site, to supersede some scattered farm-buildings which by age have become dilapidated. The farm comprises about 335 acres. Tho homestead has been designed to meet the requirements of the tenant, Mr. Ebenezer E. Gooding, who has taken an active part in the arrangement of the buildings and matters of detail connected with them. The cow-house is being fitted with Musgrave’s stalls for 28 cows. The stabling accommodation is for 10 horses, 2 colts, and a pony. Water will be laid on to each stall, and to all the troughs in yards. A good supply is obtained from a well. All tho yards are covered, with the exception of the yard adjoining the pig-stye.” Designed for James Clarke esq., perspective view published in The Building News, May 20th 1881.