1880 – ‘Sandrock’, Hastings, Sussex

Architect: W. Hay Murray


Built as a residence for Baroness Von Roemer, perspective view including ground plan published in The Building News, September 17th 1880. “Sandrock, of which we publish a view this week, is a house situated on the south slope of the St. Helen’s Valley, overlooking the towns of Hastings and St. Leonards. It was built about twelve years ago ; but not being large enough for the requirements of the present owner, it is now being considerably increased by the addition on the ground-floor of new kitchens and a drawing-room, 32ft. by 21ft., the present dining and drawing-rooms being thrown together, making one room, 30ft. by 18ft. The general arrangement of the plan is made more convenient by these and other minor alterations. Several new bedrooms have been added on the first and second floors, and a billiard-room built, about the same size as the drawing-room, lighted by the lantern shown in the drawing. It is kept entirely apart from the rest of the rooms on the floor, having a separate staircase ; from the nature of the site, it was undesirable to place this room on the ground-floor. The view we publish is taken from the drawing exhibited in this year’s Royal Academy ; all the work .shown is new, with the exception of a small portion in the centre. The works arc being carried out under the superintendence of the architect, Mr. Murray, of Hastings, by Messrs. Howell and Son, builders, of the same place.”