1880 – Four Houses at Stoneygate, Leicester, Leicestershire

Architect: Isaac Barradale


“These houses are now in com-se of erection by Messrs. Thos. Bland and Sons, for Mr. C. S. Robinson, from the designs of Mr. Isaac Barradale, F.R.I.B.A , Leicester. The whole of the external work is faced with Parry’s thin Woodville strawberry-coloured bricks, and the roof is covered with Broseley tiles. There are large kitchens, pantries, and the usual servants’ offices in the basement (which, in the lower two houses, is above the ground-line). The ground-floor of each house contains dining-room, drawing-room, and breakfast-room, and a servants’ stairs in the two end houses. The first floor: two bedrooms, drawing-room, bath, w.c, &c. The second floor : large balcony, three bedrooms, and dressing-room ; and in the attic are two large bedrooms, store closets, and cistern- rooms. A lift is in communication from basement to ground floor.” Published in The Building News, August 20, 1880.