1880 – Bell Terrace Schools, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Architect: Oliver & Leeson


“This group of schools was one of the first erected by the board. It is carried out entirely in stone, with Ashlar dressings and slated roofs. Accommodation is pro-v-ided for 1,000 children in the manner shown upon the plan. The leading idea of the arrangement was to place the class-rooms in such a manner that complete supervision would be obtained by the head-master, without traversing corridors or leaving the main room. Cap-rooms, teachers’ private rooms, and the usual accessories are provided. The cost of the buildings was about £9,600. Messrs. N. and K. Reed were the contractors, and the architect was Mr. Thomas Oliver, of Newcastle-on-Tyne. ” Perspective view & ground plan published in The Building News, August 20th 1880.