1879 – New Boat House, Caius College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Architect: W.M. Fawcett


Perspective View & plan as published in The Building News, May 16th 1879. “The boathouse for Caius College Boat Club has been built on the left bank of the river, close to the Ferry. It is built with red brickwork, and the gables are finished with panelled plaster. It is set at an angle to the river in order to bring the boats conveniently down to the landing stage, by this means also a better view of the river is obtained from the windows. The ground- floor is arranged for the stowage of boats. The first floor is divided into two dressing-rooms, one for the first crew, and the larger one for other members, and a balcony is arranged in front where members have a good view of the river. It is being brought into use during the boat races of the present week. “