1879 – Claverton, Stoke Bishop, Bristol, Gloucestershire

Architect: W. Wood Bethell


Perspective View & Ground Plan published in The Building News, January 24th 1879. “This is a residence recently erected at Stoke Bishop, near Bristol. The accompanying drawing indicates the general style of the building. The walls are built of red bricks, and are hol- low. The dressings are of Doulting stone. The roof is covered with Brosely tiles. The exterior woodwork is of deal, and painted a chocolate colour. Of the interior woodwork, that in the hall, including the staircase, screens, and panelled ceiling, and that in the dining-room and studio, are of pitch pine stained (not varnished) a dark colour. The other woodwork is of common deal and painted. The terrace walls are of red bricks, some being of special make. The stabling is situated at the south- east side of the house, and is built in the same style as the house. Mr. Wm. Wood Bethell, of 19, Craven-street, Strand. London, was the architect ; Mr. J. E. Davis, of Bristol, the builder ; and Mr. Ed. Honey the clerk of the works.”