1878 – St. Michael’s Church, Northampton, Northamptonshire

Architect: Burder & Baker


At least two different designs exist for this church from 1878, both from Alfred W. N. Burder & Arthur Baker. The main design illustrated here was published in The Building News, September 13th 1878. “Messrs. Burder and Baker’s design for St. Michael’s, Northampton, has, in spite of its plainness, much character and individuality — it is to be regretted that so interesting a scheme is not now being carried out. The plan, it is true, very nearly resembles one submitted by Messrs. Sulman and Rhodes in competition for a church at South Shields — the working out of which, though crude, was suggestive. Messrs. Burder and Baker have unmistakeably retained much that belonged to this earlier attempt ; but they have, quite as unmistakeably. transformed it, and made it their own.”