1878 – House at Chislehurst, Kent

Architect: George Somers Clarke


“This house is a new residence recently erected for A. Jackson, Esq., at Chislehurst. The accompanying illustration is taken from the S.E. point of the building. The plan of ground- floor explains itself, having the usual accommodation for a country house. The main feature of this is a large hall or billiard-room, with a panelled dado, 7ft. high, and from which lead the reception and principal rooms. Beside the entrance porch is a small private oratory for the use of the family, with panelled dado and open-ribbed roof. The chamber floor contains twelve bed and dressing rooms, bath- room, linen store, &c. Adjoining at right angles, and forming as it were a forecourt, are the stables, coach-house, grooms’ rooms, fuel stores, &c. The building is executed with red brick facings. Box-ground stone, the portion above the first floor being weather tiled, and the roof covered with Broseley tiles. Mr. Blake, of Gravesend, has carried out the works under the direction and supervision of the architect, Mr. G. Somers Clarke, Mr. Bevan being the clerk of works. ” The Building News, September 13 1878.