1875 – Design for Hastings Town Hall, Sussex

Architect: Alexander Lauder


From The Architect, December 11, 1875: The objects sought in this design are departmental separation with convenient communication between the offices. To this end the departments are divided into three floors, viz : The Police, the Municipal, and the Town Hall floors. The police floor comprises the first stage of the grand entrance, the tire department, the surveyor’s pay department, the police-station, offices, and prisoners’ cells, fire-proof strong rooms for hire, and the first section of the police-court.

The municipal floor embraces the grand entrance hall, the municipal offices, the upper section of the police-court, with rooms for the magistrates, counsel, and witnesses. The hall floor, approached by two grand staircases, contains the council chamber, the large hull with orchestral end, and the several ante and retiring rooms””the whole floor designed to be thrown open en mite for state receptions or festive occasions.

The elevations are structurally developed from the plan, convenience being in no case sacrificed for architectural effect. In the treatment of the several facades, the roofs, etc., it has been sought to group the several parts into homogeneous unity and dignity. The design is by Mr. A. Laudeb, of Barnstaple. The estimated cost was 17,9007. and 2,0007. for the foundations.