1874 – Baptistry of St. Clement, Worlabye, Lincolnshire

Architect: W.S. Champion


From The Building News, October 9 1874: “One of our illustrations represents an example of an enclosed baptistry, the completion of which is about to be carried out from the design of Mr. W. Scott Champion, architect, of Guildford-street, Russell-square. The baptistery is the presentation of Lady Astley, and occupies the ground-floor of the tower, which is at the west end. The floriated screen will be a suggestive feature when finished, and will be partly gilded. The floor is tiled. It may be added the church of St. Clement’s is a new structure, and is rebuilt on the site of the ancient church, which was in the Norman or Transitional style, and the circular arch seen in our view is the old arch restored. The new church is in the fourteenth-century style, and is of freestone, with Ancaster dressings. It has a nave, side aisles, and chancel, and cost about £5,000.”