1872 – Infant School & Cottages, Streatham Common, London

Architect: George & Vaughan


From The Building News, September 19 1873: “We give this week a view and plan of a school and cottages erected some time sinco for tho Rev. Stenton Eardley. Under the principal roof is arranged, on the ground floor, a spacious infant-school, with a classroom adjoining. These rooms have wooden ceilings, and a dado of wood to the height of the window-sills. Above this line tho brickwork is shown internally. Over the school- room is a mechanics’ reading-room, 24ft. square, and this is approached by the turret staircase, and has a separate external door. This staircase leads also to the rooms of the schoolmistress, who has the surveillance of tho readmg-room. The two cottages forming part of the group were presented by the Misses Leaf, to form part endowment to the school. The tower staircase is capped by a picturesque oak bell-turret and shingle spire. The school is built in a district becoming populous, and is a supplement to the existing National schools adjoining Emnmanuel Church, Streatham Common. The buildings were erected by Messrs, Manley and Rogers, at a cost of £2,100, the architects being Messrs. George and Vaughan.”