1864 – St Thomas the Apostle Cathedral, Northampton

Architect: Edward Welby Pugin


In 1840 Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin was commissioned to design a collegiate chapel of St Felix which was built in 1844. The number of worshippers soon outgrew the size of the building and Pugin’s son Edward Welby Pugin was chosen by Bishop Amherst to design an extension in order to make the building into a cathedral. This extension came in the form of the current nave which was opened in 1864, dedicated to Our Lady Immaculate and St Thomas of Canterbury. In 1948-55 it was decided that the west end of the cathedral should be extended. The original east end was replaced by a straight east end, transepts and a crossing tower all by Albert Herbert. Illustration published in The Builder, July 28th 1860.