Dublin Tower (U2) Competition Assessment

Dublin Tower (U2) Competition Assessment

Postby DogsonFire-2 » Sat Jul 19, 2003 2:59 pm

Anyone familiar with the issue of a large international auditing company in connection with the competition assessment process?

The question is: are we talking "Smoke and Mirrors" OR "Cloak and Daggers"! or is it just another Chinese whisper. .....maybe there's a song there!.......and probably more profitable than entering Architectural competitions. After all it's only Rockn'Roll, but as usual the suits of establishment underestimate the influence of such frivolity.........still in their ivory towers of "respectability" with an overstated R.

Let's face it ...........DDDA have seriously gone "walk-abouts" on this and now seek external corporate stability to bolster their inadequate abilities. Poor show chaps and chapesses.............

If you know what I'm talking about please enlighten me!
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