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    @ctesiphon wrote:

    Was there any taxpayers’ money involved in Croke Park? Or has the government ever provided financial support to the GAA? And I don’t just mean that question narrowly to be interpreted as handouts for building/infrastructure work..

    Key distinction between Shamrock Rovers stadium issue in Tallaght and any other GAA stadium (or Lansdowne Road) is that the stadium in Tallaght is 100% owned by the state and Shamrock Rovers will be the tenant. The completion of the development will be 100% funded by the state (incl SDCC) and will specifically exclude Gaelic games. The question is whether the state should build ‘municipal stadiums’ that specifically exclude Gaelic games.

    On the other hand Lansdowne Road will be redeveloped and exclude Gaelic games but that is a privately owned stadium. It will also be in receive of state funding.

    All GAA stadiums are privately owned and often (as in case of other sports) are offered a capital grant subsidy – e,g. Croke Park redevelopment was subsidised by taxpayer to tune of €107m or 41% of total cost (€260m total cost).

    Lansdowne Road redevelopment will receive a subsidy of €191m or 52%. This is a private stadium owned by the stadium company (FAI plus IRFU).

    All sporting bodies also receive funding to promote participation in games by employment of sports/games promotion officers usually at a county/regional level.

    I would personally query the value for money of expending €365m on a stadium that will only cater for 50k spectators (if granted PP as sought) when compared with €260m on Croke Park which has a capacity of 82k. Even when inflation is taken into account.

    It there is a highly restrictive planning permission from An BP, say capacity restriction of 45k, it would really be questionable whether it would be worth that kind of investment by the 3 parties (Govt, FAI, IRFU).

    When is the expected close of the oral hearing?

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