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    noel ogara

    @jimg wrote:

    Passing this corner recently, the results of this planning fiasco are plain to see.

    This is simply a shameful example of planning failure: the ignorance and arrogance of the owners – not even offering the pretence of caring about the planning procedures and the bored laziness and incompetence of the planning officials involved.

    I am being bitter I know – and it is no compensation for the reality that the original distinctive and attractive period building is never coming back and the new pile-of-shite is there for the foreseeable future – but I feel a tiny flicker of satisfaction knowing that the owners’ laughable taste and ignorant behaviour is going to hurt them financially. Unlike hoping that the planning dept would actually do it’s job, I’d be more optimistic in this regard; suspect that if they ever try to sell, they’d be lucky to recover half of what they’ve spent on it; the morons have pissed away 3 or 4 million euro.

    Sure, the fool paid a fortune and knocked down a lovely house of charm and character and built a rotten one in its place.
    Its his money squandered and his land so bully for him.
    It takes all kinds and that is what freedom means. Why should you people dictate to him? If you wish to change your own house or garden why should the neighbours tell you what to do? If you create a nuisance or damage their property they can sue you for damages.

    noel ogara

    @alonso wrote:

    Noel put away the Jameson.

    What have communism and the Eircom sale to do with planning? Please explain, and try to steer clear of random irrelevant tirades. You sound like a first year Arts student staggering out of the Buttery bar.

    Noel believe me, if I was in it for the money, I’d go around buying ground rents and expoiting morbid interests in mass murder like you do. Who the fuck is starving in Ireland? Go on. Show me the famine Noel. You’re an anti-Republican, anti social fantasist with a tenuous grasp on the realities of modern Irish life. Stick to selling tiles Noel, You have no place here with honest, intelligent people with integrity. I aim in my job to maximise benefit for society. You aim to maximise benefit for Noel O’Gara.

    And it could have all been so different for you Noel. You could have been a hero. You could have exposed the massive inadequacies of the local authority system, like I often do as part of my job. You could have been the one to “stick it to the man” and most here would have enjoyed the show. You could have used all that cash to highlight the pathetic weaknesses in the Irish planning system, the weaknesses we on this board grapple with every day of the week. But NO, because of your inherent greed, backward cute hoorism and monstrous chip on your shoulder, you decided to lock the gates and park the cars and caravans. You decided to deny the student dwellers and the children of D6 and D4, a vital piece of open space. You went for the traditional Oirish Fianna Fail County Councillor muck savage approach instead of the measured intelligent approach, .And you lost spectacularly.

    I hope you are proud of your achievements in 2006 and 2007

    Eircom means nothing to you because you didnt invest in the shares, so when the politicians put all that public money in their own pension fund that meant nothing to you either perhaps because you benefit from it.

    But the rest of the country lost it or rather it was all simply taken from the public entirely for the benefit of the civil service.
    The public owned it and it was sold to them on the pretense that the money was going into the public purse.
    The public lost on the double. Once for buying out their own business and again by having those funds put in a private fund.

    You make yourself sound like a latter day saint.
    I bought the park from the owner and I own it now. I paid him for it and he inherited it from his dad and other relatives.
    What do you see wrong with that?
    I offered it to the residents and they never made any attempt to buy it because they expect the corpo to buy it for them and maintain it for them as a park.

    I naturally want to use it for the business of car parking because there is an obvious need for such and why shouldnt I when its my land? I could just build a farm house there but the car park was a much better business plan and after all we do live in a capitalist country much to your distaste. Parking also serves a pressing need for many city folk who cant find any parking space in the area.
    It was always private property and the corpo bought the lease and made it into a park about twenty years ago. That was done against the wishes of the owner who was willing to sell to the corpo but they messed him about so much that he was delighted to sell to me in the end.

    Have you got something against private ownership of land?

    I think its you who has lost it.
    As for planning alonso, you just cant see the wood for the trees. Stand back and take a look at the lousy planning mess that Dublin has been turned into by fellows like you. You are too immersed in the detail to see the bigger picture.

    noel ogara

    @alonso wrote:

    Ah yes that;s it. To be a good planner, you must first be a landowner. Not all of us can climb the filthy greasy pole that you occupy Noel. Some of us are interested in the common good. I know the word “common” is anathema to people like you, as are concepts such as “neigbourhood”, “community”, and “society”. It’s all about giving benevolent charitable landed types like you free reign is it? Fuck the poor, screw the unfortunate, bollox those without access to the surplus wealth to support an election campaign or 4. Noel you’re a twisted old crank who is really bringing this site into disrepute.

    I would go on, but when one side of an argument is so obviously self defeating, there;s no point. Anyway I’ve real planning to do. Happy New Year

    alonso, you know that communism was sold on the back of the slogan ‘the common good’
    Communism was a dismal failure and blighted the lives of countless millions of people for almost a century.
    Thats what you are selling as a planner. Please do us all a favour and resist that tempting excuse for your interest in planning our city. You do it for the money alonso. Dont kid yourself. I bet you know how to raise an invoice and write a massive bill.
    The guys who climbed the greasy pole provide business ideas and jobs for people.
    You have only to look at the money the Irish civil service bureaucrats are screwing out of the earning workers to see that they are much more interested in themselves than the poor and downtrodden.
    The ship of state will steam on when the people are nearly starving with the hunger. Then they will throw them crumbs.
    Have you heard of the sale by Mary O’Rourke of Eircom for billions of euros?
    We all owned that company collectively but Mary decided to screw the public in a heady market and milked billions of their savings and put it in the pension fund of the civil service.
    Now that is real socialism.
    They took the savings ot the thrifty who bought shares to provide the pensions for the Gardai, the politicians and civil service. And that was just a top up for the fund. No wonder they are awarding themselves huge pay rises while the economy of the country is slowly grinding to a halt.

    noel ogara

    @alonso wrote:

    Again, it’s Alonso.

    I hadn’t realised I was in an argument Noel, such is the lunacy of your rants. I’m well aware that the readers of this site can make up their own minds, which they have done – and they’re rowing in right behind you aren’t they. As for name calling, c’mon now Noel, you threw truckloads of mud at my profession. Consider the name calling responding in kind.

    And don’t be glad you don’t live near me, be extremely grateful! If you had a few planners around you. you’d really know about it given your antics over the past year or so.

    An owner of a house or a shop who wants to change the business use of it for whatever reason that is his business alone.
    If I had a shoe shop and business was rotten and I was losing money or just keeping my head above the water and decided to turn it into a chipper because there is none near me why should you stop me?
    Planners like you have screwed up this republic.
    You own nothing yourself but you want to control all developments.
    Why dont you just mind your own business and get a real life rather than being a pain in the ass for your neighbours who want to develop their business plans.

    noel ogara

    @alonso wrote:

    henno, you do realise you;re talking to a fantasist wingnut?

    when you have lost the argument alonzo you turn to the name calling.
    You tried that and now you have turned to the mental factor.
    Look in the mirror alonso and see if you have sobered up.
    These readers dont need you to advise them.:D

    I’m glad I dont live beside someone like you.

    noel ogara

    @Blisterman wrote:

    Well, that’s unlucky for you.
    But seriously. It’s not like the whole Irish countryside is non stop beautiful scenery. A lot of it is just fields.

    Blisterman seems to be the only person in this news group with an open mind. The rest of you are all control freaks, I mean controlling other people’s ideas and lands.
    If you are lucky enough to own a beautiful site why should you not be able to build your home on it?
    Surely the beautiful lands and sites of our country should not be reserved only for the birds.
    Are architects and planners the owners of the land of Ireland or the land owners?

    The wisdom of these fellows seems to be build in an obscure place so that the views are preserved for their benefit when they wish to drive around the countryside on a weekend break.
    Sorry lads its the owner who should decide what and where he builds with his own money, not a dreamer or landless expert who knows better.

    Ireland was once a republic of free land owners but you guys have turned it into a bureaucracy for your own ends.
    Traditionally the countryside was dotted with houses and in the most beautiful sites available to the farmer although many built right on the road or close to it without thought for the sunrise or sunset.

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