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  • in reply to: Lansdowne Road Stadium #726066

    I hadn’t seen this view before…

    in reply to: O’ Connell Street, Dublin #730675

    Some photos up over on boards.ie]

    in reply to: Olympia Theatre Portico #748445

    Well that’s made my day!
    Thanks for the wonderful pictures Graham.

    in reply to: New Advertising in Dublin #776863

    Yikes – that’s a grim picture!

    I also notice that the positioning of the metropole means that the southbound bicycle lane (textured section on pavement) is completely obscured for any car exiting Guildford Place (as it is correctly spelt).

    in reply to: St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin #739852

    @alonso wrote:

    where did you get that firhouse plan from? that’s news to me….is it just the Tallaght line from the DTO plan?

    Regarding luas for firhouse – there was speculation about joining the lines as follows : Tallaght -> Firhouse -> Knocklyon -> Balinteer, then to Dundrum or Sandyford. See wikipediafor more.
    Doubt it will happen in even medium term.

    Nearest LUAS will get to firhouse may be Rathfarnham ….

    “Substantially improve and expand Luas services in Dublin by:
    • Joining the Green and Red Luas lines.
    • Extending Luas to Docklands.
    • Extending Luas to Citywest.
    • Extending Luas to Cherrywood.
    • Extending Luas to Lucan.
    • Extending Luas from the City Centre to Liffey Junction (Broadstone/Cabra).
    • Extending Luas to Rathfarnham subject to a feasibility study. “

    Programme for government 12th June 2007.

    in reply to: Wiggins Teape #717902

    @lostexpectation wrote:

    there was large fire at this site on sunday,

    Wiggans Teape is long gone. You can buy an apartment there now – lighthouse I think it’s called.

    This fire was on the other side of Church Road at Cahill Printers. As Paul says, it is indeed the subject of an appeal at the moment.

    in reply to: Dublin Historic Stone Paving disbelief #764132

    @Devin wrote:

    Des Callaghan of the Waterworks Dept. – 2224397 – is in charge of the job. Also the senior engineer for the area – seamus.duffy@dublincity.ie. And the Heritage Officer – donncha.odulaing@dublincity.ie – whose is officially in charge of listed street furniture.
    Do complain. I’ve found out that the Georgian Society, whose office is on Merrion Square, have also been onto the council about it, but the more hassle they get, the better.

    Thanks very much. I’ll certainly follow up with them on this matter.

    in reply to: Dublin Historic Stone Paving disbelief #764129

    Devin – who should complaints be addressed to? What’s the most useful approach to take?

    in reply to: Macken St Bridge – Santiago Calatrava #744363

    I just saw what looks like bridge building going on there!
    On the southside, by the Ferryman…

    in reply to: Dublin Port Tunnel #740410

    …and wasn’t it nice to see the quays with comparatively few hgvs this morning. Much more pleasant. Roll on the 4 axle ban!

    in reply to: Macken St Bridge – Santiago Calatrava #744362

    Article in Saturday’s Times said that construction is due to begin “next month”.
    Don’t hold your breath…

    in reply to: Olympia Theatre Portico #748432

    Here’s the latest on the ongoing sage.
    The delay is being blamed on the lack of granite in the city… Interesting in light of some of Devin’s comments re: Henrietta street


    Time is yawning for theatre awning

    IT IS one of the longest-awaited openings in the Olympia Theatre’s history.

    Staff at Dublin’s famous city-centre venue are frustrated that its newly restored canopy has still not made its debut over two years after it was taken down.

    The ornate architectural awning has languished in a Scottish engineering firm’s warehouse since it was severely damaged after a truck backed into it in 2004.

    A veteran employee has accused Dublin City Council of holding up the installation of the canopy, which has been fully repaired for over a year.

    Maureen Grant (81), who is believed to be Dublin’s oldest serving barmaid, said the council has not fulfilled its promise to widen the path below the structure.

    The city council previously stipulated that the path on Dame Street had to be extended by two feet before the canopy could be re-erected.

    Its painstaking restoration has already caused a lengthy delay since the intricate, multi-coloured glass and lead structure was shattered.

    The council said its erection depends on the availability of granite to extend the path. A spokesperson said a contractor has been appointed to carry out the work and expects to complete it “this side of the summer”.

    The canopy was erected around 1900 and was manufactured by the Saracen Ironworks in Scotland. Heritage Engineering later bought the old foundry.

    It was restored by experts at the Glasgow firm.


    in reply to: Archer’s Garage #715669

    The gates they installed are terrible though – they introduce a vertical empahsis where none is needed and don’t seem to address the building at all. Are they stock or did someone “design” them I wonder. As the one in the left hand side of your picture has started to sag badly already I suspect the mightn’t last too long anyway. I can’t decide if they look worse open or closed.

    As Archers is still listed (even indicated as “rebuilt after demolition” in the register) – dosn’t that mean that these railings are now listed…?

    in reply to: Creche & Primary School Guidelines #775873

    I presume you have read the recently updated Childcare Regulations?
    Child Care (Pre-School Services) Regulations 2006
    That should be your start point. Section 5 will be of particular relevance.

    Also see Child Care Act 1991- Part VII – (Appendix D)
    and the following:

    Childcare Facilities – Guidelines for planning authorities (June 2001) (available from Government Publications Office and http://www.environ.ie)
    Building Regulations, 1997 – S.I. No. 496 of 1997
    Building Regulations (Amendment) Regulations, 2000 – S.I. No. 179 of 2000
    Technical Guidance Document M (2000) – (Access for People with Disabilities)

    Resource Pack to Support Best Practice in the Design of Childcare Facilities (currently
    in draft) (will be available from City/County Childcare Committees and Pobal)

    Fire Safety in Pre-schools
    Code of Practice for Fire Safety of Furnishings and Fittings in Places of Assembly
    (both available from Government Publications Office and http://www.environ.ie)

    Building Control Act 1990*
    Building Regulations 1997 – 2006 Parts A-M*
    Building Regulations 1997 – 2006 2002 Technical Guidance Documents A-M*
    European Communities (Hygiene of Foodstuffs) Regulations 2000 (S.I. No 165 of 2000).
    Public Health (Tobacco) Acts 2002 and 2004

    For copies contact
    Government Publications Office,
    Sales Office,
    Sun Alliance House,
    Molesworth Street,
    Dublin 2

    in reply to: UCD Belfield Campus #775869

    @ctesiphon wrote:

    …Competition link: http://www.ucd.ie/gatewayproject/index.htm

    What a badly designed website! Webfactory used to be pretty good too…

    in reply to: Parnell Square redevelopment #751147

    @anto wrote:

    ….New to this fatherhood thing so starting to notice things like playgrounds……

    Congratulations – I bet the next thing you’re due to notice is the dog poo everywhere!

    in reply to: New building beside City Hall #724599

    It went through planning. The application number is 2368/01
    If anyone is in the area and can drop in to take a look I’ll be very interested in what you discover…

    in reply to: ILAC centre #732004

    Knocking them can’t really be considered a “makeover”

    1980s Parnell Street was a dump, but at least it had potential to be developed properly. Now it’s still a dump but the potential is long gone as the dross that has been thrown up will be with us for years to come.

    in reply to: ILAC centre #732002

    Why are they knocking? Is the site to be used differently?

    in reply to: New building beside City Hall #724576

    Does the gantry line up with the “original” building line I wonder?

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