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    There’s a number of problems with the bonding:

    If you look closely, the vertical joints between units vary between c.10mm & c.30mm throughout the facade.

    Sorry Bren88, I should have made myself clearer, rather than the bonding pattern itself, my gripe is with the way the integrated airvents have been installed on differing courses for individual floors and break the bonding pattern unnecessarily – a 215mm airvent should only displace one brick whereas here generally, two have been cut and the vent slapped in the middle. A blatant budget job at the expense of the street.

    Are the bricks reclaimed material? There’re a lot of cracks, chips & mortar staining on them, and the mortar has been very sloppily applied.

    The 2 piece window sills in the widest openings look awful, are inconsistant in form if you look up from one floor to the next, and appear to be slightly askew.

    I know it’s all a bit pedantic, but I don’t think there’s any credible excuse for such poor workmanship.

    I’m not aware of any plans to regenerate the street, but I believe DCC have agreed to make good the road where the cellars collapsed. I’ve no idea when this will happen though.

Viewing 41 post (of 41 total)

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