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    Everyone has seemed to forget to mention the atmosphere of the leadup to Landsdowne Road – theres notheing like it. Walking from town there is a road filled with people enjoying the atmosphere before the match. Every pub is cramped with people and its great to see the supporters mingling together before the big match. In my opinion it is this walk up to Lansdowne that really makes the day. No matter what match soccer or rugby theres always people in different jerseys together.

    The stadium is being renovated to seat more SUPPORTERS and it is these supporters that go to these matches loyally and indeed want to have a good time. Matches in Landsdowne aren’t simply about winning or losing, they are about the atmosphere and having a good time – without this there wouldn’t be a need for a bigger stadium as there wouldn’t be enough supporters to fill it! So where would we be going if we set up anywhere else – especially Abbotstown? Lansdowne has it all.

    And as for the D4 “snobs” rejecting the proposal of a new upgraded stadium – being from Ballsbridge myself and though I can see peoples point in rejections I honestly think the majority will approve of the NEW, MORE ADVANCED stadium – afterall what “snobs” could resist?!


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