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    nice building I’ll say..but the arrival area is way to small for what would want to be an international airport. It doesn’t allow the casual tourist to accommodate with the Irish / Cork “like” environment. The transition is impulsive and abrupt. That would be my only comment.
    I am not sure but did they build any new runaways?

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    @lexington wrote:

    ………. Design/Build efforts like that at Victoria Cross and Victoria Lodge are very disappointing. Their schemes at Rushbrooke, Stepaside etc are also not quite what they could perhaps otherwise be. I would hope to see the company take more proactive steps when considering design. But that’s just a personal feeling regarding design and is not in anyway an attack on the company, which has been most admirable in it’s growth strategy – they have shown to be generally open-minded indeed, but perhaps they could apply this mentality to a more positive design policy. Then again, if they keep getting planning for some of the more substandard designs, who is to tell them otherwise? :confused:

    Good morning lexington

    Unfortunately I do not have much time this morning to discuss this “planner = GOD” issue. Loads of site meetings. I said planner = GOD because most of the senior planners are acting like God. They have the power to build or to destroy and nothing could stay in front of them. But there is a conflict here. God is only one, while planners are more then one. One could easily see the conflict here and thus the personal issues arising from this inside every planning department.
    Strange is also the fact that while they act like Gods, they are also proving a fear of their own decisions. I don’t blame them. It is hard to “read” and understand an architectural proposal if you don’t have any architectural background. Thus their “comfort” in accepting a scheme that is easy for them to read and comprehend. I would really want to see some of the old planners in Cork trying to study and come to a decision for one of Libeskind’s proposals. That would be funny.
    Rusbrooke is one of the developments considered by Nicolas Mansergh as one of his biggest mistakes and that from a visual impact point of view. I would dare to gainsay you when you use the development in Rusbrooke as an example of Fleming’s incapacity to produce good quality design. The layout has been changed by the above mentioned planner for a reason that keeps eluding me. The facades may not be of a good design but Fleming should be praised for few things. Good quality and innovative solutions (I would dare to say that Pat Stack from Fleming had a huge input in this). The metal frame structure used by Fleming is a great idea. I was personally concerned at the beginning when this metal frame system has been presented to me, but I can see now that it is a great thing. The houses are incredible warm and there are no cracks in the plaster, proving that there is virtually no expansion or contraction at the structural level. Thumb up for John and his team.
    Well that would be all for today.
    I apologise for the broken English. Hope it made some sense.
    I promise to have a look at the topic you mentioned and to express my view.
    A nice weekend to all of you.

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    @ewankennedy wrote:

    Does anyone else thing that generally Fleming constructions developments are somewhat lacking in the design department? just looking at some of their schemes I can’t get over how boring and bland they are. The most they seem to have ever input into design has been with Trinity court or the hotel in their Fota island development. For such a seemingly successful company youd think they could afford the time and effort to push for good design.

    Lets not forget that only few years ago, John Fleming was doing nothing else then bridges. The Fota Hotel that we see now on site is a mere resemblance of the original scheme proposed by Hogan Associates but that is not Fleming fault. The valuable input and the magnificent architectural knowledge of few of the planners involved in this project brought the hotel to what we see today on site. Knowing the people in Fleming and working with them for a long time I could say that they have been very open minded with regard to this project.

    To answer your question…yes. They do lack in design. But I would ask something else. Since when is a planner allowed to make comments and to impose changes in the design of a project considering that they don’t have any architectural qualification. :confused: What if a mechanic would go and give advices to a neurosurgeon in how to do its job!!! After 7 years in Ireland, this is still a question that puzzles me. :confused:
    So I would say, don’t blame (entirely) the developer, shoot the planner. 😡

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