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    @Pug wrote:

    departing flights delayed this morning as baggage belts broke down but teething problems to be expected I suppose. Ryanair throwing shapes at taking the old terminal.

    Surely the dis-economies of scale of operating both terminals (duplication of security etc) count against its use?

    Was it always planned to remain in use or was it due to be knocked? If it is to be used, would it not be better to use the old terminal for say, cargo planes or perhaps internal flights only?

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    admittedly the thread has moved on but I haven’t checked in in a while….

    Anyone know anything about the new residential development beside Garryduff sports centre across from Foxwood? They look almost complete but I can’t find anything aout about launchdates or prices or anything….

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    @Spinal Tap wrote:

    Mr & Mrs Spinal Tap picked up 2 Dutch tourists thumbing from Cobh to Cork on Saturday last and they were asking us what there was for tourists in Cork City.They had done the English market,Shandon,St.Finbarrs and the city centre area in a whole morning ! They loved Cork and thought it was a great city after 3 days in Dublin and being ripped off at Oxygen which was a dissapointment for them but there was nothing for them to do here and keep them in the city apart from bars and restaurants shops etc.We directed them to Kinsale,Clonakilty etc.

    Cork needs more visitor attractions :-

    Outdoor spaces / parks ah la Park Guell Barcelona
    City Quays under utilised for proper paving seating landscaping ( cars parked right up to river ) massive potential.
    Maritime Museum in the docklands.
    Indoor Aquarium similar to the one in La Rochell France
    Arts Museum / Venue like Gateshead or dare I say it Bilbao Guggenheim !
    Feel free to add to list

    Cork has the jobs,Population and wealth to support a vibrant arts and cultural scene but need to wake up to whats happening internationally in cities of a similar size across the rest of Europe.

    B.T.W. Are’nt the new railings at Penrose Quay great next to the new sculpture installation ? They make you realise how bad the railings are across the rest of the City’s quays.

    what about UCC buildings and grounds and the Art Gallery there…

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    @phatman wrote:

    Not sure about Superquinn, but M&S definitely. I agree, it is a pity Roches are bowing out.

    Superquinn would be a great addition to the city – if you’re prepared to pay a little more you get great quality…;)

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    surely angry rebel is missing the whole point – a 2+1 system would be entirely adequate alongside a viable train option – if the train was guaranteed in 2 hours less drivers would use the road and therefore motorway standard would not be required?

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