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    Alek Smart

    รขโ€šยฌ31,750…….By God thats gotta be the bargain of the century…….Go Mansfields Go…..Bring back the Aro Land Car I say !!!!!!

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    Alek Smart

    The figure that grabs me by the Short n Curlies is that 500 space underground/multi storey Car Park.
    Now perhaps because I have misplaced my Pince-Nez but I cannot seem to find any mention of a Public transport quotient in this magnificent Grande-Vision for Nord-Ouest Dublin City…
    Perhaps if the developers were to surrender ( ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ) 50 Car Spaces in favour of a small enclosed Bus Terminal or Interchange it might be interpreted as a Socially Beneficial gesture..??
    Yet again it appears that Dublin City Council stands back and refuses to raise as much as an “Ahem!!” whilst scribblin the word BUS on the jotter in front of them….
    Presently the area is like something from the “Living Dead” especially come evening time and the Luas has failed rather spectularly to inject a frisson of life into it.
    Given that Transport 21 rather incredibly ignores Bus Travel as a viable adjunct to City Living perhaps Dublin Bus itself might get together with the Developers to see if there is a mutually beneficial package which could be assembled…?
    It`s all very well getting rid of the Articulated Trucks,but what`s the benefit of replacing them with several hundred cars…even if they will be off-street and safe from the rioters…… ๐Ÿ™

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    Alek Smart

    Well Folks,anybody out an about in An Lar last evenin will certainly now be harbouring doubts on the wisdom of giving รขโ€šยฌ34 Billion to ANYBODY associated with the present “Works” in the City Centre.
    At one point in the proceedings the ENTIRE stretch of wire barrier from the Aer Lingus H/O to Henry St had blown over onto the “Carriageway” this was in addition to the barriers on the opposite side which had been lying on the ground for a while already.
    However as this occourence was due to the high winds we can safely assume that it`s qualified as an “Act of God” and therefore no liability is attaching to Dublin City Council,it`s servants or agents for any injuries suffered as a result of them not bothering their collective arse`s to listen to the weather forecast.
    At one point the entire North Central Garda compliment of two Members were frantically attempting to warn and divert northbound motorists from running into the collapsed fencing.
    This well practiced routine consisted of the Bicycle garda energetically waving his flickering LED bicycle lamp whilst jumping up and down in an attempt to avoid being struck by motorists already accelerating away from the Spire Crossing.
    The other member was clinging to one of the barrel mountings clutching a short piece of nylon rope in a vain attempt to keep his finger in the dyke.
    It was nearly two hours before some burly-builder types arrived with some more rope and cable-ties to secure the fencing ……at least we now know why Dublin City Council is so taken with erecting a pole for every sign…`s part of a secret anti-hurricane programme left over from the NDP….(Remember that ? )
    Callers to the City Council Traffic Control centre were being told that …”It`s a bit heavy allover tonight luv”……
    There is a very real danger that Transport 21 funding will allow the present grouping of intensely sane Professional Planners to actually go forth and multiply therefore granting them total dominance over us all for ever….
    Remember that the events of last evening are available on the City Council`s Traffic Camera system and so therefore could have been studied to good effect by REAL planners if any were still in the building at 17.30 ish yesterday…..
    By now it will all be only gossip with the Professionals tut tutting to each other over a rich Burgundy about how the native Dubliner is SO predisposed to exaggeration………
    Has anybody got a number for Manuel Melis…? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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    Alek Smart

    Well at least we have White Lines on College Green….and double yellow one`s too.
    I`m sure Graham will join me in a chant of UMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm accompanied by the slow rythmic beating of a Goatskin Drum in thanks for this major advance in safety.
    ALTHOUGH………..I wish I had taken some pics of the ORIGINAL markings as the new lines look VERY narrowly spaced with just about enough width for 3 Grenadier Guardsmen to stride across in…..
    That is of course,assuming they want to cross legally and safely…….
    And now it`s back to Graham in the studio……….

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    Alek Smart

    Well Ctesiphon……Funnily enuf Kildare St must have had Extra-Quix Dry Macadam laid as within 48hrs it was well decorated with NEW sparkling double-yellow lines and Stop Markings at the Molesworth St junction,which apparently is one of the busiest and most strategically important intersections in the Country,although for the life o me I can`t think why….. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    Now all we have to do is get Dail Eireann to relocate to the OLD Parliament Building on College Green and I have no doubt The City Manager and his Deputy would be down there themselves in white overalls painting the required statutory markings….either that or they`d be sacked…!!! Could`nt have members of the house riskin life and limb trying to cross a busy unmarked junction now ….could we…?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Alek Smart

    Well Hells Bells and fair play to the power of the web……Overnight the Traffic Cone Fairy swooped on Leeson St and left a considerable legacy of her wares.
    At least the Street is now in a safer state than it was immediately following the original work……
    The BIG question is why if the location merits coning today was it not done as part of the original job………
    A fatal accident can occur in a millisecond whereas DCC appear to be prepared to take a Paddy Power attitude to the entire question…. ๐Ÿ™

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    Alek Smart

    There is a fine set of what looks like RUC cap badges on the facade of the new Habitat on College Green (Formerly The Ulster Bank ?)

    in reply to: O’ Connell Street, Dublin #729682
    Alek Smart

    The interesting aspect in Graham`s Pic is the angle of the Traffic Signal array at the Cathal Brugha St/O Connell St junction.
    Both of the signal poles have now been turned (by the wind ?) so that the Straight-Ahead green arrow beams its come-on over towards The Royal Dub.
    This ensures that Drivers going straight ahead simply sit at what they think is a red signal,which is in fact the Red for Traffic Turning Into CB St.
    It only a relatively minor delay BUT it contributes to a knock-back which impacts on the Parnell St North-South flow.
    Rather more to the point it underlines once again the TOTAL lack of interest in the small items which go to make up any cohesive and efficient Traffic Management plan.
    Rather more serious,but on the same topic,is the latest example of Dublin City Councils lack of interest and understanding of what the requirements of SAFE Traffic Management are.
    The location is Leeson St between Pembroke St and Stephens Green where for the past week some serious Night-Time Road Planing and resurfacing has been going on.
    In spite of the major nature of the work with much heavy machine movement and associated bits of shrapnel flying around there was NO attempt to have any Professional supervision or Traffic Control on site.(At a location such as this I`m afraid the labourers do NOT suffice)
    Needless to Say Bus Atha Cliath similarly ignored the reality of its customers having to race across trenches and fissures as well as it`s own drivers being presented with a conspicuously unsafe environment to work in.
    However today`s (Thurs) performance really held the City Council and the Gardai up for the disinterested bunch of “Observers” that they actually are.
    Having completed the overnight resurfacing work the Contractors headed off to their warm beds leaving behind a series of pristine newly tarmacadam`d stretches of Leeson St.
    The chorus of “Lovely Stuff” could be heard rising from this site……However,this being The Free State nobody appeared to notice or to be concerned at the fact that there were now NO road markings at all on the CONTRA-FLOW BUS LANE (Outbound) side of the street.
    This lack of ANY statutory markings led to a traffic situation easy the equal of anything that downtown Tirana or Freetown could manage.
    Unfamiliar drivers coming from Pembroke St to turn right into Leeson St simply turned sharp into what they presumed to be a one-way system,keeping over to their right to allow for the converging traffic coming from their left.
    This seemingly sensible manouvere now left them sitting smack bang in the centre of the outbound CONTRA-FLOW N11 QBC ….
    It was danger in extremis and continued all day,with only the occassional message from Dublin Bus controllers sitting isolated in their control room`s to the effect that Caution Was required at this point….As Peter Cook was wont to say…..Stating the Bleedin Obvious !
    The Gardai,as ever,were conspicious in their absence with my only sighting being of a Traffic Corps 4WD officer lecturing a young female woman Moped owner on her riding skills before hi-tailing it off towards Wexford….
    Is it that Dublin City Council and the Gardai are unaware of the dangers of a major arterial road having NO Roadmarkings ?
    Do these bodies reckon that it is a bit of craic for foreign or unfamiliar motorists to be placed in positions of great danger ?
    Did any member of the Garda Traffic Corps or DCC`s Burgeoning Roads and Traffic management team bother to come down and observe the crazy situation ?
    It would appear that there is no monitoring of any of the work being carried out.
    The official line seems to be “Lets wait an see if somethin happens-if it does,we`ll have an enquiry and if it does`nt we`ve saved money to spend on more fantastic projects”
    it`s becoming a Mantra of mine but yet again I have to repeat ……
    IF The City Councils SENIOR Management refuse to address the blatant lack of safety related approach to major on-street works then they should resign(or be sacked) in favour of somebopdy who will.
    The same applies to the Senior Officers of the Dublin Metropolitan Area of the Gardai.
    Ah well….Up until 1530 today (Thurs) there are still NO road markings at one of the City`s Busiest Pedestrian crossings on College Green….How Many months now Graham….????
    It really is looking as if there will be no change in Official Attitude until The City Manager himself and/or his deputy are held to account following some Road Traffic Accident at one of the ever increasing locations where this Blind-Eye policy is in effect..
    Perhaps if a group of concerned citizens were to buy some paint ,a few brushes and a straight edge we could do it ourselves…….Then send them the bill….. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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    Alek Smart

    As Jemmy Brown once sung……”Papa`s got a brand new Bag”……………….
    Good man Graham,you quite obviously waited to catch the essential nous of the entire GPO plazafication scheme…Full marks for gettin the 3 Motorcycles in ALONG with the relevant regulatory signage….Top-ho old boy as they were chanting on Saturday last ๐Ÿ™‚

    in reply to: O’ Connell Street, Dublin #729664
    Alek Smart

    ” it is a combination of excessive traffic volumes over and above the design spec for the plaza “
    This sentence IMO cuts directly to the chase in relation to O Connell St and many other Irish Grande Projets.
    How,why and by whom were these Traffic Volumes allowed to remain at and indeed exceed the levels which had been used during the Planning and Design phase of O Connell St`s rejuvination process.
    For example Dublin Bus vehicle movements along the street in addition to the elongated dwell time at stops surely must have merited some form of professional consideration before being nodded through ?
    Once again it is the simplest questions which appear to baffle our planning and design elite.
    Questions such as why have Airport Bus/Coach services picking up at the narrowest point of the entire street when most Bus Drivers can attest to the extreme levels of delay which exists with Airport Bound foreign commuters having to burrow for Fares and Ask various questions of the driver.
    Most Non-Professionals could forsee delays at such points and make alternative arrangements….not so DCC or indeed Dublin Bus.
    The Official line appears to be that O Connell St must present a “Business as Usual” image to the world and no amount of increased risk will deter DCC from its chosen strategy.

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    Alek Smart

    Hmmmm…I smell a Rat here……!!!
    Just Looka dah pic…….Not a Bleedin Motor Bike to be seen.! I Mean C`mon Graham Bud…….Although I think that pic may have been taken BEFORE DCC put up it`s NO MOTORBIKE PARKING signs which would explain the lack of the same yokes…..Its only when the signs go up that the Fir agus Mna na hEireann rush to prove their resilience to this Imperialist Regulatory stuff !”!!……………….. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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    Alek Smart

    ” Will we get a Receipt ?………………….Will we Fuck !!
    What a fantastic epitaph.
    I hope Mr Gogarty gets his full pension due on the other side as unbeknown to himself he became the active catalyst for the greatest social change ever to come upon the natives.
    His lasting legacy will be seen as forcing the realization upon the ordinary folks that they were being had left,right and centre by a bunch of self-centred aggrandising crooks….and yet even today I would wager that many of these same political mafiosi would still manage to organize a crowd to carry them shoulder-high whilst bellowing “Ye Boy Ye” to all and sundry…!!! ๐Ÿ˜ก

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    Alek Smart

    Sorry Kefu if U find the idea of a Thick stupid Paddy attempting to pour a quart into a pint pot offensive,but there U have it.
    I cant find any other rational explanation for a system which forces EXTRA Bus Movements into a major arterial corridor at virtually the EXACT same time that major long-term civil engineering works are scheduled.
    Apologies for omitting the suggestions you require but I have in the past been advised that such matters are best left to the “Professionals” who have been trained specifically to get these things right first time.
    However my hopes that the “Professionals” would do as you suggest and utilize the Port Tunnell as a means of significantly reducing Heavy Goods Vehicle traffic along the Quays have received a setback recently as it now appears that Dublin City Council have decided that the original HGV ban criteria will NOT be as far reaching as originally anticipated by many.
    In essence only 5 Axle HGV,ie Twin axle Tractor Unit and Tri-Axle trailer,will be completely excluded from the Quays,most other configurations will either be free to continue as at present or have some time-based restrictions imposed upon them.
    Therefore as long as cyclists remain happy to mix-it with 2,3 or 4 axle Commercial Vehicles with Gross Vehicle Weights of between 16 and 34 Tonnes we have no real improvement in their lot.
    Whether our Medieval City Planners vision of Dublin is any worse than the one we are presently struggling with is a moot point but what IS apparent is that nobody involved in the City`s administration has taken any real hard decisions in relation to the present Bus/Coach situation along O Connell St.
    The most recent extra Bus Movements along O Connell St saw the 14/14A and 48 A routes sent headlong up and down the contentious O Connell St with it would appear NO pressure being applied to send these routes along new virgin territory,for example bring 48A into College Green,and then send it along Dame St,High St and Christchurch to terminate in that area or if feeling REALLY brave send it all the way to Heuston Station.
    This would allow serious interaction with a wide variety of West and North Bound Bus Routes at a location OTHER THAN the much restricted O Connell St but perhaps this is a tad to avant garde for the SERIOUS Professionals to consider ?
    The presence of a much improved Jervis St corridor stretching from Ormond Quay virtually uninterrupted to Parnell St could allow for many Westbound Bus routes to be turned and sent back out via either Capel St OR Nth King St.
    Additionally there is now a sizeable amount of Kerbside Space in the Parnell St/Bolton St/Capel St triangle which again IF utilized would offer scope for a half secent Bus Terminal for West/North Bound City Centre Terminating routes.
    Over on the other side of O Connell St we once again see busy routes such as the 33,41,and assorted Airport Coach services which for years utilised Gardiner St as their “Corridor” now being forced through the Parnell Sq/O Connell St Egg Timer only to suffer a convoluted time consuming dog-leg through Cathal Brugha St.
    Perhaps the most incredible example of this Nitwittery is the City Council`s aquiescence with Dublin Bus`es rerouting of the busy and frequent Northbound 123 in response to the OC St “Heavy Works Phase”.
    This route now has to beat its way all the way along the North Bound side of OC St,up along Parnell SDq West,thence via Parnell Sq North and BACK DOWN along Parnell Sq EAST to re-enter O Connell St upper Southbound before turning left into Cathal Brugha St in order to serve ONE stop at this location before trying to get back out onto Parnell St which It could have simply turned into directly from Parnell Sq East some 100 mtrs and up to 20 mins earlier.
    Far from having no suggestions I and many of my colleagues have skip loads of suggestions,some feasible,some dubious and some probably dead in the water but the essential problem is a City Administration that does NOT have the slightest regard for this sort of brainstorming amongst the lower orders and which prefers to preserve the Status Quo at all costs even to the extent of presiding over serious RTA`s involving Fatalities and serious injuries (The fact that Thursdays Injured people were English Tourists is of NO bearing that I can see but perhaps I am missing something there too ?)
    Am I being churlish in my speculation as to whether there was ANY real detailed inspection of the Bus Routing and Peak Time Bus Movement figures ?
    Should I refrain from asking if my City Council`s professional Traffic Planners,Modellers,and assorted other grades simply assumed that ALL of the pre-existing Bus Stops could continue as heretofore in the midst of the “Heavy Works Phase” of the IAP.
    I certainly do NOT make any copmparisions with other European Cities or Cultures and do not for a minute draw any safety related inferences from them.These cultures are Different to ours in so many ways and Traffic and Transport are but two small examples of this.
    I have no desire to score points or anything else in relation to this debate but in the absence of anything like a professional,co-ordinated and SAFE approach from ANY of the City`s Administrative Glitterati then I`m afraid I shall merely continue to call it as I see it.
    There is little doubt but the City Councils vision of the NEW O Connell St is a very positive and dreamily desireable one,however to achieve their goal the new Ethos deserved to be implimented at a far earlier stage in proceedings.
    As I listened to replay of a Radio piece broadcast during the unveiling phase of the Tower of Light something struck me quite forcibly…
    The interviewee (possibly Ian Ritchie) spoke of the Tower of Light capturing the gaze of people as they walked towards it from each of the Four Thoroughfares leading to its base,as they draw nearer the Tower draws their gaze to it`s polished base with its DNA strands intertwined and creeping upwards until the viewer cannot resist craning their neck in an attempt to catch site of the pinnacle stretching away almost into the clouds.
    The Spire of Light thus represents the “New Irelands” vibrancy and its peoples ability and desire to reach up out of their troubled past to a new future at a higher happier level.
    Now that we know that the point(!!) of the Tower of Light is to draw the viewers gaze skywards perhaps once again im being a phillistine if I suggest that the middle of a very busy pedestrian crossing is not exactly an ideal location for such a gaze inducing device,however artistic it may be.
    At one time children were taught by rote to “Look Left-then Right-then Left again” before crossing busy roadways however modern Ireland would appear to prefer if our visitors simply Looked Up at the sky as they cross what might or might not be a vehicular thoroughfare…Now THAT is sophistication..!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    Was it Sean O Casey who wrote about Lying in the gutter looking up at the Stars ,Joxer ???? ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Alek Smart

    The news that DCC are “Reviewing the Safety” of the Henry St-O Connell St-North Earls St junction is indeed welcome,as would be hearing of the Resignation of several senior officials in the same News Piece.
    Are we to believe now that the entire O Connell St IAP was scribbled out on the back of a cigarette packet by some newly arrived Polish labourers (Who might just have made a better fist of it ).
    This is a Flagship project of not only Civic but also National importance yet it has been handled as if it were some surburban back-garden being crazy-paved by the Cobblelocking King or somesuch.
    For Crying out loud the present City Management have managed to shrug off several fatalities and heaven knows how many serious injury RTA`s in the area between Westmoreland St and Parnell Square.
    At No Time have the authorities even attempted to put a Public Transport Plan in place which would allow for the SAFE conduct of Bus Business within the area which is a Dei-Facto BUILDING SITE.
    Instead Dublin Bus have been facilitated,encouraged,required to push ever more vehicles per hour through what is in effect a trecherous egg-timer.
    No attempt has been made either by Dublin Bus or the so-called authorities to ensure a safer more controlled flow either by diverting routes AWAY from O Connell St altogether or by reducing dwell time at the OCS Bus Stops by eliminating time consuming Cash Fare transactions.
    In addition NO Bus/Coach operator should be permitted to Operate Long Dwell Airport Coach or City Tour services from this street AT ANY TIME whilst the present situation is in existance.
    Instead,More routes than ever are now being stuffed into O Connell St in an attempt to prove that Paddy is thick and stupid enough to get a Quart into a Pint pot.
    The vehicles concerned are now Longer,Wider and of far higher passenger capacity than ever before and yet the City`s Civic Intelligentia are of the belief that all of these EXTRA vehilcles will fit into the REDUCED amount of Roadspace without any problem..Are these people actually Professionally Qualified at all or merely escapees from some Lunatic Asylum on Wood Quay ?
    The City Council/Garda Siochana/Bus Operators have had far too many “Wake-Up Calls” along this street.
    Bus and Coach drivers have been attempting to raise serious safety concerns through both internal means and in the media all to no avail.
    It appears that the Senior Professional Branch of The Citys Administration are not amenable to having their plans called into question by a bunch of Blue Collar Bus Drivers and the like,some of whom never even went to college.
    This level of Autocracy IS now resulting in a vastly increased exposure to danger amongst the ordinary people who use the City Centre on a daily basis.
    The recently introduced revised Health and Safety at Work acts SHOULD be used to force the City Council to recognize and adhere to its legal responsibilities to the Citizens but it`s doubtful if it ever will as the entire City Management structure is already closing ranks in an attempt to cover their widely exposed backsides on this one.
    It really is an infuriating and depressing scenario as the thrust of Official Dublin is to lay-off the blame on the Individual Busdriver or anybody else who can be made to fit the picture as long as it preserves the sanctity of the “Professionals Know Best” theory of Civic Management.
    I fully accept Graham`s point on the Crossing Point at the Spire,however It would be a worthwhile excercise to take a few trips along the street and stay near the front of the bus to observe the ACTUAL situation which prevails at this point,particularly when traffic is slow moving.
    Remember the Bus is some 11.3 mtrs LONG and 2.55 Mtrs Wide so wherever it is stopped it is going to be in somebodys way.
    Additionally the already discussed vague nature of where EXACTLY the pedestrian crossing points are remains open to debate as does the requirement for pedestrians to adhere to Green/Red man signals.
    For ANY busy Traffic/Pedestrian crossing to function SAFELY a high degree of CLARITY and SPACE is required for both Vehicles and Pedestrians…There is precious little of this in O Connell St at present and no sign of any official recognition that it is required…Ah well perhaps the Safety Consultants which,no doubt will be recruited by DCC to tell them what they want to hear will manage to recommend a bit of black Tarmac and some White Lines as a start…….
    And lets stay away from comparison with Italy,France,Spain or Timbucktou for that matter as they are NOT valid in any way shape or form to Dublin in its present state…If we need to compare then how about looking at ANY mid-size UK Town/City/Conurbation which will more than likely feature Clear and Strong methods of seperating moving 16 Tonne vehicles from rambling shoppers…! ๐Ÿ˜ก

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    Alek Smart

    This afternoons serious RTA at the Nth Earl St/O Connell St Junction serves to fire a warning shot across the bows of both City Council and An Garda Siochana.
    The basic design and structure of this crossing is totally wrong,given the volume of Vehicular Traffic continuing to utilise the street.
    The lack of clear deliniation between Traffic Space and Pedestrian space is all too obvious.
    Last Monday night as I drove Northbound I met a young Oriental chap walking backwards in the midle of the street as he attempted to get the Tower of Light aligned in his Camera Viewscreen,the poor lad was totally oblivious to the fact that he was on a Roadway and almost jumped out of his skin when I alerted him with a toot of the horn.
    Given that the O Connell St IAP which many had thought was agreed is now looking somewhat different in scope and detail perhaps it could now be argued that the “Piazza” in front of the GPO should be revisited with a view towards ensuring public safety.
    In the light of todays accident It will be interesting also to speculate how long it will now be before some Legal Road Markings appear at the Bank of Ireland/College Green perestrian crossing which is now almost two months without them.
    There is little doubt but that O Connell St as it is presently structured is a VERY dangerous environment for everybody and the question has to be asked as to why the City Council and Garda Authorities have been prepared to sanction an INCREASE in the number of Bus movements along the street when the available space is so seriously compromised.
    Public Safety SHOULD have been paramount in the planning phase of the IAP works,however we now see that it appears to have not even been on the agenda…
    Once again a few more questions for the City Manager,his Director of Traffic and the Garda Asst Commissioner in charge of the Dublin Met Region…….. ๐Ÿ™

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    Alek Smart

    Thats an interestin pic of the Ambulance….Is it a Civil.War era pic I wonder or could it be earlier.
    The flying of a Flag from it indicates that it was operating in a contested area….also the closed shops and lack of pedestrians might indicate an excessive lead to air ratio..?
    On the topic of Nelsons Head,I recall my father getting over a weeks solid overtime on clean-up and reinstatement work in the Coropration at the time,he worked in the North City Paving section.
    It seems that the original destructive explosion was somewhat more surgical than the “Official” Bang Mรƒยฒr courtesy of รƒย rm na hEireann which removed far more window glass and birds nests than was really necessary…Kismet,Hardy..???? ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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    Alek Smart

    And would`nt ye know it…..Judgin by the Presence of the well laden Army Lorries and the harried looking peeler the feckin Bus Men were on strike….!!!!!
    What a great set of Pics…….We really do owe a great depth of gratitude to the memory of Father Browne…….Nobody else appears to have been interested in wat the great unwashed were doin for their normal days work ?

    in reply to: They never miss a trick !! #761174
    Alek Smart

    Yes indeed I reckon that Dundalk Regional College would have been a far better venue….That Giant Windmill just knocks our measly ol Spire into a Cockaded Hat…!!!

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    Alek Smart

    Fear not Graham…The guests of the Gresham can continue to leave their nets furled neatly.
    What appear at first glance to be Camera`s as in the “Yoke” atop the OCS Garda dugout is,I Believe,referred to as a Micro Wave Link Generator.
    These devices are dotted throughout the city and apparently allow for easier interconnectivity between the CCTV Camera Units.
    I`m unsure whether they service ALL the Cameras or merely the Garda one`s.
    However one thing IS certain….Big Brother is Watchin… least if he`s awake !!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Alek Smart

    Ah thats it…..At least the Kerrymen would have gone the full hog….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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