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    Alek Smart

    Incredible stuff this….Although the stop has disappeared the Galway CityLink coaches are continuing to utilize the Southbound side of O Connell Bridge as the termini.
    I have absolutely no idea how foreigners or other unfamiliar people are expected to locate the terminus now.
    Incidentally a lad in the barbers today said that the stop AND its concrete base had been thrown into the Liffey by some Cork GAA fans last week………Must have went to town on their Weetabix before coming up for the match..??

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    Alek Smart

    Wot a difference a day makes…or maybe not.
    Tonights Nassau St performance had moved to the opposite side of the street,ie: the Kilkenny Design side.
    Obviously some engineering luminary had studied this long and hard for there were several signs attached to Pay an Display Machines and lamp standards etc.
    The signs were indeed comprehensive.
    “No Parking from 1900- 0600 on Sun,Mon,Tues,Wed”
    Simple enuf…however not simple enuf to prevent 5 vehicles from occupying spaces at 2000 …
    Oddly enuf if these signs were in evidence on Sunday they were roundly ignored also.
    Its a bit like the O Connell St No Motorcycle Parking signs which are now just elements of High Farce with little or no value of any description.
    However SIAC have to be congratulated on at least making the attempt,whereas good ol Dublin Bus mindful of the fact that it had at least got a footpath to operate from simply continued with business as (ab) normal.
    I presume DC3 is referring to the Clonskeagh region where Dun Laoighre/Rathdown have embarked upon a programme of Kassel Kerb installation along the route of the number 11 which has been a Low-Floor route now for over 4 years.
    The very concept of a “Temporary” Bus Stop sign is of itself a wildly innovative one around this town so perhaps we require a bedding-in period to allow the full potential of such theroems to be realized. 😎

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    Alek Smart
    JPD wrote:
    I totally agree and wish to add that in my opinion]
    Surely the entire IAP for O Connell St has now been seriously compromised by the re-installation of the Taxi Rank?
    Remember the Taxi Rank is not a static object and given the appalingly poor infrastructural defecit which exists post Taxi Dereg we are likely to witness serious overcrowding of the limited space in the new “Facility”
    The amount of vehicle movement of itself will pose a serious threat to any pedestrian brave enough to take the pedestrian plaza concept to its fullest.
    Going on past experience we shall see hi-speed departures,U and S turns and the usual jockeying for position when a driver absents him/herself or falls asleep on the rank.
    This is an idea which originated in the brain of a muppet and in one fell swoop has completely short-circuited several years of detailed planning and the aspirations of many who had some vision of a BETTER environment for the Main Street.
    Just as we see with the Motorcycle Parking issue, where DCC can say …”Well WE put up the signs…It`s up to the Gardai to enforce the regulations” we now see the entire O Connell St project staggering along trying at this late stage to be all things to all men rather than a statement of where the City and Country is going.
    It`s not too late to salvage something from this situation and perhaps looking about the place for off-street Taxi Rank space would be a start…… :p
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    Alek Smart

    I think the area was generally referred to as Cole`s Lane and was as some have described a rather Dickensian aspect to Dublin.
    The dealers there were exactly that ….Dealers and some would have also traded in the Daisy Market which was adjacent to the present Fruit,Veg and Fish market.
    The daisy had a somewhat more eclectic mix of stock and was a needle to anchor market in comparison to Cole`s lanes Haute Coteure…..
    However all of these markets were REAL places catering for a REAL need as our distribution of available wealth was somewhat narrower than at present.
    Hand-me-Downs and buying second hand were simply ordinary parts of everyday life and conducted in a suitably businesslike manner….. :rolleyes:

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    Alek Smart

    Interestin to note that after at least one post on this board and some 6 weeks after the new top layer was rolled out,the Pedestrian Crossing at Bank of Ireland/College Green remains naked in terms of Road Markings.
    This ensures a VERY interesting time for thousands of pedestrians every hour as they stare down the approaching drivers.
    I am therefore assuming that The CITY MANAGER and the DIRECTOR OF TRAFFIC are both on holiday or otherwise indisposed as I feel certain they would not want to expose citizens and visitors alike to the HIGHLY increased risk of injury and/or death which the present bleak and black scenario presents.
    Wonder what the safety statement for this location reads like..?……”Run a little faster “……?

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    Alek Smart

    I`m not as yet convinced by all of this “Convienience Store” stuff……..well ok maybe the Con….bit..
    The entire genre appears to owe little to any sense of community or the oft misused term “Living City”.
    One of the most enduring aspects of a visit to Paris for example is the surprising number of Owner Operated SHOPS as opposed to sterile mini-markets such as Super/Spar/mace etc etc.
    These little places appear to subscribe to the open-all-hours principle and feature the proprietor and family members sitting readin or listenin to Arab radio stations.
    From experience these places stock a range of “Stuff” easily as great as the SterileStore and often in sensible open portions too.
    I am old enuf to remember the debate which surrounded our entrance into the EEC and the political heavies who were wheeled out to tell the native Irish that we had to modernize or face eternal damnation and be lost forever.
    The corner shop simply had to go,it was inefficent,unhealthy and unable to cater for the then modern societal needs (1970`s).
    Well shiver me timbers,whaddya know……having popped a waistband button on my trousers during a visit to Brussels last year I was directed to a small seamstress/haberdashery where at nine o clock of an evening I was able to have that single button refitted in jig time for €2 by a VERY nimble fingered lady.
    Thankfully a large swathe of Europe has managed to take the Original bland grey mass of EEC/EU regulations and use the bits of value to them whilst nodding in the direction of the rest.
    Ireland,however,in its rush to be liked continues to impliment and police quite a few of the more nonsensical ones as was witnessed by last years fiasco in Galway when the Local Health Boards resident young PC zealot swooped on the French Farmers Market which had been Invited to operate there during arts festival week .
    The youtful grad dutifully slapped closure orders on a number of the stalls on a wide range of public health issues.
    Sadly the Health Board had not the Balls to question itself as to why France,with its preponderance of such food and produce markets manages to keep its citizens remarkably free from some of the forms of Cancers and Circulatory diseases which continue to ravage the native Irish population whilst the frogs sell their cheese and agricultural produce fresh from the farm without chilling and wrapping it in plastic first.
    Or maybe its the lack of a good home grown grape variety that is the nub of the problem…… 🙂

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    Alek Smart

    I seem to remember (through a haze of hallucenogens) hearing that Tomas Dabhis was to be re-erected at a different location……not sure if this is fiction,faction or malicious rumour !

    in reply to: O’ Connell Street, Dublin #729497
    Alek Smart

    It`s not really “Griping” it`s merely a questioning frame of mind as to the ethos of the HARP/IAP or whatever.
    Once we have the return of The (J Arthur) Rank we them must move to the next topics such as will the right turn into Cathal Brugha St be reinstated ?
    Presently it appears that the melting pot is once again on the boil and things may change immeasurably from day to day.
    For Example within the past couple of days some VERY flashy new Warning Signs have appeared on the Parnell St-Cathederal St stretch.
    The new signs warn of “Construction Traffic” in the vicinity and oddly enough have a seperate Large Diamond Bicycle sign placed prominently above the textual one.
    Now,I`m reasonably comfortable with the City Council`s reluctance to erect and maintain general safety related or directional signage in the area so my only thought is that some unfortunate cyclist was sideswiped by a JCB bucket or perhaps ended up lying prostrate in the hopper of a Dumper Truck and the ensuing fallout prompted a response along the lines of…….”Better stick a few oul signs up Owen,just in case some other eejit tries it too “……
    Its always best to wait until something happens before attempting to rectify the problem
    In the case of many of our higher and mightier Civic Leaders Reaction is much less taxing than Prevention which tends to be expensive and if nothing actually happens then one runs the risk of being ridiculed by your immediate boss for wasting money on unnecessary frills…..Far Fetched….???? Hmmmmmmm I thought so too…..until I encountered not one …..but TWO motorists merrily making their way Southbound along the Northbound side of O Connell Bridge at 21.15 yesterday evening….perhaps the lead driver had been perusing the excellent Pictures of 19th Century Westmoreland St on another Archiseek thread and decided to re-enact some of the scenes…….Then again maybe he simply missed the signs….. :rolleyes:

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    Alek Smart

    Its amazing how in this republic its often the most contentious items which recieve the most effort.
    To Wit….A MAJOR push today along the O Connell St site to get as much work as possible finished on the “Taxi Rank”.
    At one point I witnessed ALL of the cast beavering away at the two Cutaways on the Northbound side.
    Its almost as if somebody was browsing Archiseek last night and found this thread……”SHYTE……The game`s Up….quick Moneypenny get me the City Manager on the secure line”……..”And the Minister”……!!
    Mind U they had to make up for being absent for the past two days when approx 14 hour workdays were available,but Hey….Who wants to pay these guys weekend rates…it`s cheaper simply to let the project drag on a little into the dark damp winter ……….

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    Alek Smart

    Oh ThoMo we aint seen nuttin yet……
    The reinstatement of the Rank appears to be largely based on the fact that ….”Its ALWAYS been there” no doubt heavily emphasized by a Junior Transport Minister or somesuch.
    The infuriating manner in which supposed LEADERS in Civic and National terms simply refuse point blank to grasp the opportunity to be forces for REAL change for the better in the City is what marks this country out as a basket case.
    Just as Dublin remains a largely “Ground Floor City” with virtually NO central zone resedential use being actively stimulated so to is the Centre City dying a death from the Council`s refusal to deal with the simple requirements of Traffic Management.
    Since the advent of Bobberty Molloys Deregulation Irish Style one of the best free events was to be found at the OLD O Connell St Taxi Rank each day as occasional Garda Traffic Corps Motorcyclists would suddenly swoop on the Quart load of taxi`s all attempting to squeeze into the Pint Pot of the Rank.
    Street Theatre at its finest with shouting,gesticulation,pathos,bathos,and displays of stoic resignation being shown by both sides.
    Of course Bobser and his fellow traveller Seamus B expanded the City`s taxi Fleet overnight by a factor of at least 4 whilst in real terms reducing available on street Rank space by approx 5%.
    Bizzarrely the state continued to pay these pair Ministerial salaries for this piece of far sighted traditional irish music and craic….
    Thankfully things have changed and we now have a Taxi Regulator…..well an INTERIM Taxi Regulator who will no doubt ensure that the NEW IMPROVED O Connell St rank will operate to the Highest International Standards etc etc …..
    Why oh why for just ONCE cannot some so called civic leader not grasp an opportunity and make a grand gesture which would be supported by the Citizens who after all are expecting some BIG Changes after all the O Connell St work is finished !!!! :confused:

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    Alek Smart

    When I see John Fitzgerald being quoted as using words such as “Aspirational” and “Logical” I know damn well that Arthur Beesley has managed to buttonhole the City Manager as he was taking a Bath or perhaps teeing off on some luxuriant fairway.
    It may well have slipped past Mr Fitzy`s eagle eye and that of his able Assistant Mr Owen Keegan that Motorists are already making their own arrangements on O Connell Bridge/D`Olier St/Westmoreland St.
    For example there is now a dei-facto RIGHT TURN lane for Southbound Traffic who desire to head into the Wesht.
    The norm is now simply to turn right on the bridge and sit on the median until the legally positioned westbound Lanes get a green and then to lurch off ahead of them.
    The current state of O Connell St and particularly its main Junctions “Logically” demands the presence of Gardai during the entire day and perhaps long into the evening,at least until the Freight Ferries have cast off.
    However this presence remains merely “Aspirational” on my part as I know Damn well that neither Mr Fitzy nor anybody in a position of Authority above level 2 of Civic Offices is too bothered about the “Little Things” which blight Dubliners daily lives.
    Lets face it the REAL issue concerning these Boys is how in the name of Jaysuzz they can give “The Lads” in National Toll Roads the Port Tunnel deal without anybody choking on the smell of rotting vegetation emanating from the entire process.
    Its not issuing Free Compost Bins they should be at,but instead inviting Citizens to bring their Crap up to Wood Quay and chuck it through the doors…!!!!
    If it was`nt for our Gulf Stream influenced climate this little Island would be every bit as poorly run as Niger,Chad,Benin,Togo or a thousand other African Countries marked with a Pin on Bono`s globe.. 😡

    in reply to: New NDP to replace half finished NDP #760185
    Alek Smart

    Interestingly recent negotiations between the Social Partners in the Dublin Bus scenario threw up the little nugget of how the Dept Of Transport decided to withold funding from Bus Atha Cliath for the purchase of some 200 EXTRA buses due to “Lack of Progress” on the issue of restructuring of the Metropolitan Bus Market.
    The Dept having belatedly realized that its then current plans had more holes than a sieve decided to throiw a hissy-fit and take it`s ball away.
    The REALLY interesting aspect was discovered in a memo related to the decision which it seems was taken IN 2002 !!!!!!
    So what in the name of all that`s holy have the “Negotiators” been at for the past 3 YEARS…?
    Therefore ony 2 years into a supposed 6 year plan those responsible for it`s progress decided to withdraw from it.
    As it presently stands Bus Atha Cliath may only introduce a new vehicle into service if it withdraws one at the same time.
    This nonsensical rule is interpreted rigidly to the letter and the results can be seen (and felt) daily as the Company attempts to juggle and reallocate an ever decreasing (In real terms) fleet to plug gaps in service to areas which have gone stratospheric in the past 3 years.
    I would contend that the Public Transport elements of the NDP never amounted to more than a Hill of Beans with little or no strategic overview being taken of the ACTUAL demands being imposed upon the CIE Companies.
    The issue of restructuring or franchising or anything else WAS,IS and SHOULD BE totally seperate from the ACTUALITY of PRESENT service demand.
    Just as the present situation in the Dublin Taxi Market is hugely unstable and indeed could be argued,Unsafe so to was the intention to reverse into some form of deregulation of the Bus Market whereby Minister Brennan considered that a total revamp of Dublin`s Bus Operations could be achieved without ANY regulatory input whatsoever.
    Not alone was this Lunacy but it was for a time Official Govt Policy until certain senior Civil Servants actually began to notice that Mr Brennan was wandering about the corridors of power totally naked and summoned up enough backbone to whisper the fact discreetly into “Somebody`s” ear.
    So every time I see a Bus/Train/Tram or Armoured Fighting Vehicle sporting a “Funded under the auspices of the NDP 2002-2006” I immediately reach for my bottle of Absinthe……..
    Lets just bring back Senor Melis and give him a Job….?

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    Alek Smart

    Am I misguided or is it looking like the “Old” Taxi Rank on OCS is being reinstated in the exact same place as before ?

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    Alek Smart

    Its worth asking in relation to Andrew P`s reflection on Bus Stop positioning,as to what exactly is the present status of the “Safety Review” of ALL Dublin Bus stops which was promised in the immediate aftermath of Wellington Quay.
    Such a review would certainly be well worth having when seeking explanations from such luminaries as Dublin City Council as to their corporate Self-Confidence in positioning a Long Dwell Inter City Coach Stop adjacent to major junction.
    The same City Council (And of course their supportive arm,An Garda Siochana) had no qualms about reserving the Very last stop Northbound On The O Connell St Building Site for Aircoach,yet another Long-Dwell operation which requires the driver to leave the cab to attend to porterage duties.This means that any vehicles which manage to successfully get that far MUST then form a line behind the driverless coach,which usually has its engine left running. Safety First ?Gimme a Break.

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    Alek Smart

    A mute testimony to a City Council made up largely of well meaning elected officials who are dictated to and overruled by a coterie of phillistinic self important professionals.
    Remember this is mere metres from the historic seat of Civic Governance in Dublin and of course within stone throwing distance of that other great City Council Monument to the Primacy of the Professionals…Civic Offices a structure of such monumental inappropriateness that No Name could be found for it !
    What is Civic Offices today……A Fitting Headquarters for a highly regarded and astute City Council..OR a means of covering up a very respectable and valuable centre city underground car park and creche for the members of the Duma..?
    It really is difficult to find ANYthing positive to say about this gang of incompetents……!
    Devin talks about two different schemes being superimposed on the Bridge independent of each other…Too bloody right…..remember each floor of Civic Offices represents a different planet within the entire shaky edifice

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    Alek Smart

    And more to the point Hammy……..One of the VERY rare occassions in this project (Or any other DCC inspired one) where the work continued AFTER 16.30.
    We are just leaving one of the finest and most construction-friendly weather windows that a builder could wish for yet last weekend the O Connell St Project was work-free from early Friday afternoon until Monday morning.
    Once more it`s time to remember the redoubtable Spanish Senor Melis of Madrid Metro along with his simple advice……..Agree on a simple plan,start the job,WORK 24/7/365 UNTIL ITS FINISHED,break out the Rioja and declare the project officially fininhed. !
    In a country such as ours,with its highly individuialistic weather patterns we constantly refuse point-blank to cater for them.
    Hence every suburban housing development over the last 25 years HAD to have a big dollop of “Public Open Space” or “Amenity Area”.
    This description usually translated into a large area of parkland,usually well tended,which is largely unusable for 4 to 6 months of the year due to weather conditions.
    Anybody who doubts this need only keep a weather eye on the Evening Heralds Parks Football Fixtures lists where quite soon now we will be treated to the “Pitch Closed due to waterlogging” or similar.
    Instead of this incredible pre-occupation with POS`s why could the planners not have standardized on REAL public amenities such as a PUBLICLY operated and affordable Aquatic Centre in EACH area of high density housing along with all-weather or indoor playing pitches.
    At least this might have reduced the chances of our bored and under resourced yoof taking to the undergrowth to seek shelter whilst guzzling their trays of Dutch Gold or torching yet another Ford Fiesta.
    Why the hell did our ONLY aquatic centre have to be allowed to degenerate into the farce it has become with nobody apparently responsible for ANY aspect of it ?
    Unless and until our entire methodology of Urban Public Administration is thoroughly shaken up and many of it`s long term residents given the boot we shall probably end up having to seek the aid of the likes of Bono and Sir Bob Geldof to drum up a campaign to rid us of meglomaniac Civic Office dwellers. 😮

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    Alek Smart

    Its great to get some form of historical perspective on the Main Street however my bile is still bubbling at the cack-handed manner in which the “Works” are being conducted.
    For example the entire scheme appears to be operating on a Monday to Friday 0900 to 1700 basis with appropriate breaks for contemplation.
    Yesterday (Sat) was one of the most glorious days a builder or farmer could wish for yet the ENTIRE OCS project lay silent with the tools and equipment lying where they were thrown on Friday afternoon.
    In addition I have serious reservations concerning the manner in which the City Council are intent on maintaining a “Business as Usual” approach especially on the Northbound side from the GPO to Parnell St.
    I regard the continuing operation of busy Bus Atha Cliath stops including Airlink and City Tour sa little short of Negligent Incompetence on the part of the City Council and the Gardai.
    Have any of the Grandee`s of the City bothered to stroll down and observe the situation as several Buses arrive to unload and embark passengers.
    It is a serious accident in the making and contributed to by the Hoarding which is still half constructed along the central median.
    Dublin City Council in it`s more recent reincarnations have a somewhat tarnished reputation in relation to Public Safety in the O Connell Bridge/Street area.
    The Civic Response to the two Cyclist Fatalities at O Connell Bridge was one of the most minimal and innefective that could be imagined as the Council resorted to washing its hands of the matter.
    From a safety perspective alone surely SOME scrap of professionalism exists within the Council AND the Gardai which would allow for the Northern End of the street to be cleared of ALL Bus and Taxi stops (The Taxi Fraternity are resolute in their determination to face down ANY attempt to impose order on their activities,whether safety related or not).
    Bus Atha Cliath are loath to be seen to ask their customers to make their way even a hundred meters further lest they be attacked on Marion or dragged into the Herald front page.
    The fact that such a move would be in the passengers own interests would neve ebter the mind of the Cheap-Shot media mob,who in the event of an accident or fatality here will be found circling overhead like carrion crows.
    This particular phase of the OCS programme would allow the Civic Authorities and Bus Atha Cliath an opportunity to display a degree of co-operation by agreeing a package of ALTERNATIVE Bus Routings through the City Centre.
    For example:
    Jervis Street is now a clear and adaptable street which has the potential for a Stance/Terminus adjacent to Wolfe Tone Park.
    This street has the advantage of being able to cater for Buses heading both WESTWARDS and NORTHWARDS
    It is also as close as OCS from many of the larger shopping precincts such as the Jervis centre itself.
    Indeed with Mr Stringfellow`s desires for the Parnell Centre in mind perhaps BAC should be getting in there first and erecting it`s own (Bus) Poles before the area gets too congested.
    On the other side we have Marlborough St and Gardiner St which also offer scope for both through running and terminating routes through the use of Bus Only Turns and Contra-Flow Bus Lanes.
    I feel very strongly that OCS is presently creaking under the weight of Bus Routes being forced along it often with no point other than “sure is`nt it traditional”.
    If the concept of the OCS scheme is to be fully realized then we must look at ways of reducing its TOTAL vehicle throughput not merely Private Cars alone.
    The worrying point for me is the minimal on-street co-operation which appears to be evident between Bus Atha Cliath and the other responsible Civic entities.
    As Minister Cullen alluded to in his press release on the Dublin Public Transport regulation issue,It an area littered with little empires and fifedoms none of which have the public interest or public safety to the fore.
    The most useful aspect of Seamus Brennan`s tenure as Transport Minister was his invitation to Manuel Melis of the Madrid Metro (3 M as he is known) to visit Dublin and inspect our way of doing things.
    Senor Melis was brief and succinct…
    1. Devise and agree a simple plan of action.
    2. Get all the required legals out of the way BEFORE commencement.
    3. Commence work on a 24-7-365 basis and DO NOT STOP until completion.
    It would seem that Senor Melis`s track record and advice did not impress our heirarchy unduly as NONE of his sensible points were acted upon….nor are they likely to be…
    As Brian Cowen revealed on the Prime Time “Refurbish yer Yacht at the State`s Expense” documentary…..”Thats not how we do things here”………….Nuff Said ??

    Alek Smart

    Pit privies shall preferably be located on the leeward side of a building and shall be ventilated. Privies shall not be used in areas where the water table is within 2 feet of the surface since they will not function well. The precast concrete slab pit privy has been adopted by many health authorities.

    There shall be openings at the top of the walls to dissipate odours. For maximum odour control a vent pipe can be installed in the tank to carry odours away from the privy. The vent pipe shall be at least 6.0 inches (150 mm) in diameter, painted black, screened with a wire gauze and located on the sunny side of the latrine so that air inside the pipe will heat up and create an up-draft. The pipe shall extend a minimum of 2 feet above the roof of the privy.

    The door should open outwards to minimize the internal floor area.The toilet shall be sufficiently screened to discourage flies. The walls and roof shall be weatherproof, shall provide privacy, exclude vermin and be architecturally compatible in external appearance with the main house.

    Is this from the Planning Application for the stretch of Fleet St between D`Olier and Westmoreland Streets ?
    This little street becomes and “Avenue of Urine” from 23.30 onwards,especially at weekends.
    In the old Irish Times days there was at least a semblance of activitry at their Printing Plant gate which did deter some “Pissers” usually the females.
    Since the departure of this facility however,the gateways have simply turned into communal latrines for both sexes……and their pets…Talk about a Golden Shower !!!!!
    Mind U there has been some Piss Poor journalsim in the Old Lady in recent times too…. 😮

    in reply to: Reinstatement Blues #753021
    Alek Smart

    Thanks Graham for your continuing responses as they reassure me that SOMEBODY else notices the haphazard and dangerous manner in which these matters are handled.
    For me it is a issue of basics.
    There is little point in Government Ministers,City Managers or Traffic Tszars lining up to launch the newest Multi-Billion Euro Motorway,LRT,QBC or Underground system if they continue to completely ignore the BASICS…The ABC`s of how a living City requires effective and efficient MANAGEMENT of its infrastructure.
    All around Dublin I am struck by the locations where in Public Transport terms very great Improvements in Bus Operations could be had for the spending of relatively small amounts of money,yet nobody within the very restricted and almost Masonic order of Civic Governors appears to give a toss about taking a close interested peek at how the Systems operate.
    It`s much sexier to adhere to the Seamus Brennan principle and get yourself space on Media by announcing yet another new Billion Euro idea which of course just requires a few final touches before its operational.
    In my experience those final touches never come.
    It`s why DART steamed along for 20 years through Stations which had not altered since Wm Dargans Day.
    Can anybody justify why it took 20 years to electrically illuminate the vast majority of the Dart Stations to at least give some semblance of a safe environment for Commuters travelling after dark.
    Can anybody explain why each and every major Office and Retail Development in the City Centre was passed through the full planning system without ANYBODY in the City Council even mentioning how perhaps a small element of Public transport copmpatibility might perhaps make the Council somewhat more amenable to the overall proposal..?
    Blackmail ?…Perhaps ,but I would see it as making a real move toward freeing Dublins Citizens from their imposed reliance of the private car.
    The Irish Life Centre.
    The Ilac Centre.
    The Stephens Green Centre.
    The Arnotts Redevelopment.
    The Parnell Centre…..on and on one could go with the only common thread being that there is not space for a Public Service Bicycle in ANY of them.
    This lack of BASIC comprehension is what is causing the steady progression of the collapse of the shoddy physical infrastructure we struggle to get along with.
    Take a good close look at the state of the Stillorgan QBC,focus on the heavily utilized stops,notice how the carriageway is sinking,notice the wheel spaced depressions and the transverse cracking of the Tarmacadam.
    The original specs of the QBC`s called for little more than a tin of paint and a brush and nobody saw fit to ask why if we were planing on such a vast improvement in Bus Services did we not strengthen the road surfaces beneath all these extra fully laden vehicles…..
    Until and unless there is an infusion of NEW and INTERESTED talent into Dublins Administrative authorities then I reckon the Wheelbarrow and the Shovelful of Chippin`s will continue to typify our attitude to these matters.
    We are now entering a Bank Holiday weekend Graham and I would be prepared to wager on Suffolk St remaining untouched at least until Tuesday……UNLESS of course there is an accident/incident…..THAT tends to concentrate the Proffessional mind to a degree not equalled by anything else. 😡 😡

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    Alek Smart

    Just to keep the spirits up…..It appears the Suffolk St works are ESB inspired as two of their vans were parked opposite the excavation this evening whilst two ESB staff poked and prodded their way around a bunch of cables in the Hole.
    The Dublin Bus Stop was simply taken out of the ground and thrown on a heap of spoil.
    Nobody from Dublin Bus appeared to have enough interest in the situation to organize any alternative safe stopping point and intending passengers continued to run about in semi-panic unsure of where to wait for their bus.
    This situation is now in it`s third day and the motto appears to be “Nobody`s been Killed yet”

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