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      Wondering if anyone can provide some advice regarding the use of a zinc roof for a domestic extension. We are currently planning a lean to extension (3 velux windows, approx 20 sqm) at the rear of a standard 70’s semi. The pitch of the roof is quite shallow (approx 11 degrees) and we have currently specced (and priced) Nordman roof tile sheets. However we are not too taken with the appearance of the nordman tiles and would like an alternative. Has anyone ever specced a zinc roof for a domestic extension? If so what is the cost impact, just as a ballpark estimate are we talking about 5 times the price of regular tiles, 10 times? Would the contrast between the zinc roof and the bog standard semi be too much? Any thoughts greatly appreciated,



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      Hi Jack,

      Talk to a company called Rheinzink, we are using their product on some work we are doing down at the new toll plaza canopy at the port tunnel and we have been very impressed with the product.

      +44 (0) 1276 686725, they should be able to put you in touch with an Irish supplier.

      They also supply rather tasty Rain Water Goods.



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      Any images of the said toll structure possible Ryan?
      I will never forget the lead balloon that was seeing the West Link toll plaza for the first time – nothing but a bloated sibling of the East Link; a 70s suburban house with Europe’s largest car port attached.

      It’s good to see architects are being used nowadays.

      The zinc makes it sound intriguing…

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      Zinc is a strange material and it’s quite a lot of effort to get it to work properly – all sorts of issues to do with ventilating the underside of the zinc sheets… that said it’s a beautiful material and seems to react well with the irish light…
      An alternative to consider is Tecu Copper sheeting which can be obtained in a zinc-coloured finish (as well as golden, green prepatinated, natural copper and natural copper coated to stay the copper colour for ever…). Issues of honesty spring to mind and it’s a more expensive product but it’s much much easier to work with and has none of the ventilation issues of zinc…
      The silvery version called Tecu Zinn is actually copper coated in tin and has a nice lustrous finish – maybe a bit shinier than zinc but should weather similarly to a pewter colour…


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      Btw, that Tecu site has some fantastic images of Herzog DeMeuron’s new museum in San Francisco as well as lots of other interesting projects…

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