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      I’ve just joined the site as a member after being an addict for some time (I live in Scotland). Just to be mischievous: is it possible to photograph any major (or many a minor) building in Ireland without a mini-landscape of trailing wires getting in the way (cf. GrahamH’s post of today on the works at St Patrick’s; an attractive small-scale residential area is ruined by the wirescape). Is it just me? Do you never really notice? Is the ESB the biggest vandal in Ireland? What were they doing during the nearly 20 years of the Celtic Tiger? Having visited Galway and seen photos of Cork, I get the impression that the ESB set out to choose the ugliest and most obtrusive posts they could think of. I wonder what the planners and city managers are doing about it.
      Just a thought.

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      My my so many questions – however did you hold off from joining the site 😮

      Welcome to the site

      The ESB has strong competition from the road engineers tbh – for some reason bizarre apoplectic urges come over me whenever I hear the phrase “pedestrian pens”…

      There is a fine thread started a year ago “Utility Poles/Lines Visually Destroying Irish Towns?” that may adress some here –


      …and maybe the 2 threads should be merged also 🙂

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      I posted the following on the “2008 wishlist” thread.

      A bigger gripe that I have is Eircom. – not DCC’s issue but they should make it so in this case. I decided I wanted to clean up my house by removing the myriad of wires that are attached to it and which seem to come from a pole and then dangle uselessly down the facade. Eircom charge – wait for it – 325euro for a survey. This is non-refundable if they say – and who am I to argue – that they can’t be removed!! What this is – in very simple terms – is a price designed to ensure that no-one does it. I had extensive rows with NTL but I eventually managed to get then to take the wire up and along the gutter rather than straight across the front of the building.

      DCC should take Eircom – and all these other providers to task over the defacing of elegant period housing

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      Hi, hutton and wearnicehats; thanks for the info – you’re quite right, there’s no point in two threads. I’ll tune in to the other one, but it seems to me to be a major problem that badly disfigures Irish towns and cities – not to mention many individual buildings.

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