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      Hi All:-

      I’ve just been agonising about a refurbishment decision and I’m sure that you’ll have an opinion.

      We’re refurbishing a victorian 2-up 2-down redbrick in Dublin 8. The original style would have been, I’m sure, one-over-one sash. The problem is that, in the enclave of about 120 cottages and 30 houses, only two of them have original sash. Most everyone else has awning windows.

      So the dilemma is, in replacing the windows:, either-

      A: conform to the local style c. 100 years ago – which is in keeping with the harmony of the building – but costs far more and makes us stick out like a sore thumb (and it is a rough area, believe you me!)

      B: replace the aluminium windows with wooden and fit in to the contemporary vernacular style in a nicer way…

      We went for the latter, but my architecture-conscious friends are aghast! What do you think?

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