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      Architecture in Dublin, is it catching up with the architecture of today or is it still behind everybody else?
      Modern architecture has only been slowly evolving for the past three to five years or so and other cities in other parts of the world have had powerful modern architecture standing in there cities being admired by the rest of the world….. modern architecture, skyscrapers etc. What has Dublin or even Ireland got to show for in the architecture world.

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      I would think, and I’m open to be challenged on this one – that Ireland has yet to see ‘world class’ type architecture materialise in it’s midst. There is some good, clever and very likeable produce out there. In Dublin, I think the Libeskind project by Grand Canal will be something to show for, and if the U2 Tower is ever realised, I think it too will be a positive addition.

      Cork, like Dublin, also has its best yet to materialise – but perhaps the Lewis Glucksman Gallery would be a worthy candidate, even at a national level??? :confused:

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