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      Donald Pounder

      On page 175 of the Wexford County Development Plan 2001 in the section “Record of Protected Structures” under the heading “Bridges and MIscellaneous Items For Protection” there is this:
      “13 Edermine
      Pounder Mausoleum of 1853.”

      Can anyone tell me something about this mausoleum, please? Whose bodies are or were in it? In whose memory was it built? I am a little suspicious that the name Pounder is in error. Should it be Power? Another post mentions a chapel built at Edermine for the Power family by E. W. Pugin around 1858.

      I apologize if this post is not appropriate for Archiseek.

      Thank you.

      Donald Pounder

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      I don’t know the mausoleum, but from a quick rummage around the internet it seems the name Pounder was present in Wexford in the 19th century.

      This page has a description of Edermine in Co Wexford from Lewis’s Topographical Dictionary (1837). Further down the same page there’s an entry for Enniscorthy – a town 2.5 miles from Edermine – that says:

      In the town are a distillery, three breweries, two flour-mills, three tanyards, and a rope-factory. Flour-mills are also being erected by Mr. Pounder on the site of an extensive iron-foundry long since discontinued; and at Fairfield, about a mile and a half distant, on the road to Killan, is an extensive distillery, belonging to Mr. A. Jameson, the working of which has been suspended for the last few years.

      This page has another mention of Pounder (near the bottom of the page), though in a more tragic context. It seems that during the 1798 rebellion John Pounder, a Protestant farmer from the parish of Ferns, was murdered on Vinegar Hill.

      Despite the other typos in the Wexford RPS, I suspect that the mausoleum is correctly named. Is it too much to suggest that it might be related to the man killed at Vinegar Hill…?
      If I’d known this a week ago I could have checked it in person as I passed right through Enniscorthy.:)

      The book ‘Mausolea Hibernica’ by Maurice and Michael Craig might have something, although the range of mausolea it illustrates is only a selection, to the best of my knowledge. I don’t own a copy to check.

      EDIT: I’ve just seen here that a Thomas Pounder of Enniscorthy was a subscriber to Lewis’s Dictionary- quite possibly the same man who had the flour mills (for what better way to get a mention than to fund the enterprise?;) )

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      There appears to be no Pounder family connection with Edermine House: at least, no connection has been made in entry 454 in Houses of Wexford (D. Rowe and E. Scallan).

      In the same book, the only house connected with the Pounder family is Oulartleigh House, which is not located anywhere nearby to Edermine.

      However, rather than Pounder or Power, perhaps it is the PoundeN family mausoleum: the Poundens held many estates in the hinterlans of Enniscorthy: Blackstoops House, Cooladine House, Daphne Castle, and Brownswood House, amongst others. Some might recognise Brownswood as the ancestral home of Eileen Grey: Pounden was apparently the original Grey family name. As Brownswood is positioned not so far away from Edermine, on the opposite side of the River Slaney, it is possible that the mausoleum is theirs. I noticed that the RPS citation refers to Edermine, but not necessarily to Edermine House: as there is a graveyard also nearby, it is not necessarily so that the mausoleum and family are connected with that house.

      The mausoleum is not included in Mausolea Hibernica, is not referred to as an ancillary outbuilding in Houses of Wexford, nor has it been included in the National Inventory survey: no references for Poundens, Pounders, or Powers expiring in 1853 are recorded in The Peerage.

      Hope this helps some, although it probably muddles it even more…

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