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      Mafalda Ramalho

      I would really like to know grafton architects’s web address (not email). I’ve seen some of their stuff on books but I would like 2 know more about their projects.
      tx in adavance to all who might help

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      Paul Clerkin

      I dont think they have one… a lot of irish firms dont… have tried to interest some firms in the past in sites but to no avail

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      …..True, they’d need to do something about it, especially firms like O’Donnell + Tuomey

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      Off the point, but….

      I’m from a web design/multimedia background. Most of these architectural companies probably don’t know that they can get a £5000 grant from the government to get themselves a web-site (some clients came to us from this position). They’re also too used to the stupidly high web costs that have floated around in the past, not realising that a web page with just their company identitiy could be fetched for as little as £200-£300 (ex hosting and e-mail, which might be £90 a year for US hosting, as opposed to £300 for Irish hosting).

      And I’m NOT saying that I would do it. This is not me looking for work. There’s load of freelance folk around. If the companies keep it simple it’s only a day’s work, providing they agree on price and level of design (ie: we want it to look as good as “this page”) in advance.

      So go for it people. And if want more info make a new thread and I’ll give it.


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      Rita Ochoa

      Can’t it just be “copyright fear” ?…
      I bet they all go and have a look at some of their collegues websites…

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