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      Hi all,

      I am new to this forum and wanted to try and elicit some advice. I am currently living in England working for a well known games company as a concept and 3d artist but I commute back to Ireland every weekend as my family are still over there (here). My intention is to get back as soon as is possible but as there are no games companies of any note in Dublin or anywhere else in Ireland that I am aware of I have decided to get into Architectural visualisation as it seems a logical step from using my 3d skills in the games industry to using them in Architecture. I know Maya very well but only a little 3dsMax which seems to be used as the standard package in this type of work and I don’t have any experience in using CAD, which I suspect is a bit of a drawback. I have limited time in which to learn new programmes so do you think I should concentrate on learning MAX or CAD? Or Vis? Or something else?

      Also, what are the main companies that specialise in this type of work? I am based in Greystones so I would ideally like to be working in either Dublin or Wicklow, though I am pretty flexible as I do a lot of travelling at the moment anyway.

      Should any of you wish to see examples of my work you can mail me at

      Any and all advice gratefully received!

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      here’s a list of some of them

      modelworks would be one of the bigger names and do some good work.

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      Yeah, I sent some work + CV to Modelworks but heard nothing back as yet, I will follow up the other companies listed. I’d still like to have some advice about what packages to learn though….:)

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      The best I have seen in Ireland is G-NET Studio,

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