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      graham dwyer

      Does anyone know of / or could reccomend any stunning examples of residential over offices over retail?

      There must be plenty of well designed examples?


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      There are plenty of res over retail, office over retail and res over office, but all three is pretty rare. There are a couple on Dame Street near the Olympia but I’m having difficulty thinking of many others off the top of my head. I think it’s a legacy of a) somewhat inflexible building types (mainly single door houses or, at best, houses with two doors- one of which leads upstairs), b) few purpose-built mixed buildings, and c) the practice of zoning on plan, i.e. we’re not very good at zoning in section. And now, though we’ve improved a bit, when we say ‘mixed use’ it still seems to refer generally to areas rather than to individual buildings.

      It’s probably the case with many European cities, but Barcelona is the one that immediately springs to mind. I was most impressed with the way that so many buildings there combine all three uses in the manner in which you describe: ground floor retail/restaurant/etc.; first floor retail/restaurant/offices (incl. surgeries); second floor and third floor- office or res; generally residential above that level. It gives a real vibrancy to the street and to the city in general, meaning there are very few dead areas after office hours, at least in the centre. And the res element is sufficiently elevated to be above the worst of the street noise. I suspect that many of these, though often 19th century, were specifically designed in this manner- self-contained stairwells being the most obvious and necessary feature.

      The prevalence of single use buildings is something I’d dearly like to see change in Ireland, or maybe just in Dublin, as I’ve a feeling our regional towns and cities are a bit better. Perhaps our regional representatives could confirm or deny?

      Shame the Living Over The Shop scheme was not the success that was envisaged too.

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      Off the top of my head I think there is an example of residential over hotel over retail in the Chocolate Factory scheme in Kilmainham which is currently under construction. Not quite what you were looking for but hopefully that’s of some use

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      I can think of one building that fits your discription, On bolton st, opposite the DIT entrance, theres a building that incorporates all three usage types. The ground floor is retail, stationary/office supply shop and a printing shop, first floor is a offices, a few small companys and the other floors are apartments.

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      check out Mixed development in Tallaght. Find other examples on my webpage

      Greetings Joop

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