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      For a new bathroom that has a window in an external wall, the opening section must be 1/20th the floor area of the room and Part F states that you also need to provide

      “(b) (i) mechanical extract ventilation capable of extracting at a rate of 15 litres per second,


      (ii) passive stack ventilation (PSV) designed and installed in accordance with BRE IP
      13/94 and incorporating an automatic humidity sensitive ventilation inlet control grille.”

      However for an internal bathroom

      “the provision of b(i) or b(ii) should be adequate.”

      So does this mean that you cannot rely solely on an operable window to vent your bathroom even if it exceeds the miniumum 1/20th of floor area?

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      @bitasean wrote:


      So does this mean that you cannot rely solely on an operable window to vent your bathroom even if it exceeds the miniumum 1/20th of floor area?

      That appears to be the implication from TGD Part F 2009 Table 1 & Diagram 4.
      The mechanical extract is a requirement for all new dwelling bathrooms.There is an emphasis in these regulations on moisture extraction.
      This extends also to Kitchen areas where the built-in cooker filters which recycle the air are not considered adequate in terms of ventilation and vapour extraction (Ok, this is my opinion only, based on recent research). A mechanical extract to the open air (or passive stack system) is generally required in new kitchens.
      Para. says “The appropriateness of a particular fan for a particular use should be verified by reference to manufacturers data” and then specifies the required tests.
      If anyone has conclusive evidence that charcoal filters over cookers satisfy the Part F requirements, I’d certainly appreciate it if they could share this knowledge.
      (This is important when it comes to certifying houses/extensions for compliance with the Building Regulations).

      You can always try another approach apart from the TGD to provide evidence of compliance. Maybe an M&E Engineer might advise.

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      In some other normal countries its very normal to only require a window in a bathroom 1/20th floor area openable. A charcoal filter in the kitchen range hood and you can recirculate the air…


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      Look at the diagrams in the latest Part F. They’re looking for extract fans everywhere.
      The language is also over-technical and looks like it was written by an M&E Consultant Engineer anxious to justify the importance and essential nature of the profession by being as cryptic as possible. CPD points should be awarded for just reading this document.

      Generally the Irish TGDs are slightly amended interpretations of the UK regs.
      I blame the Brits.

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      In fact Missarchi, TGD Part F 2009 is so cryptic and obscure, that it rivals some of your own Archiseek posts.:)

      While I’m here, does reading Archiseek contribute towards unstructured CPD points?

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      I always liked the Irish standards cause they where short and sweet I guess all that is about to change…

      We need yes no flow charts!

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      TGD Part F 2009 is less than 30 pages.
      Ok, maybe upon reflection it’s not so bad, though the old TGD-F was only around 12 pages.
      A new environmental measurement called air permeability has been introduced.
      New Mechanical Ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) and Passive Stack Ventilation regulations have been introduced, with many references to BRE Digest 398, IS EN 1314 for mechanical vents and various CIBSE documents.

      I couldn’t find an obvious answer to the cooker hood-carbon filter issue so I called the DOE and I was told to refer to para. 12.2.8. which quoted IS 1314 test methods. In other words, they couldn’t give me a straight answer.

      Also para. 1.1.7. provides guidance on control of dust mites. Further info can be found in a referenced W.H.O. publication.

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