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      The situation is this.
      A large shed in a suburban area that had been used by someone in a steel/Al fabrication business was turned into a local gym. The overall size is around 25′ deep by 30′ long.
      Usual modern gym gear, weights machines, run treadmills, etc plus dumbbell zones.
      No showers, pools or anything else.
      When there’s a good crowd in the gym, the air is awful stuffy and the only inlet or outlet is the normal sized entrance door at one end which opens onto a short corridor that leads to the gym area. (Jax and office rooms off that corridor.)
      The roof is the typical old timber couples with corrugated iron upon them. About 15′ high at the ridge.
      There may be an odd old perspex sheet among the corrugated iron to let in natural light. But the gym is lit by electric light all day.
      I see no fans or baffles to guide any air that might eventually come in via the main door — assuming that the main door was left open — which it often isn’t.

      My – unprofessional – view is that such an establishment would require better ventilation arrangements than are there. People go to a gym to exercise, not to intensively inhale other people’s expulsions.

      But are there any regulatory planning requirements to have proper ventilation/air-changing in this type of public facility ?

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      Seems like the Building Regs demand very little in this situation — no more than any other similarly sized building would need.
      So there is no specific Building Reg requirement for ventilation of spaces used for “assembled exercise”. . . .
      Even though some people are talking about making defibrillators mandatory for commercial gymnasiums.

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      Part F of the building regs fobs you off to CIBSE Guide B.

      I don’t have it myself but I thiiiink that it calls up c. 6 air changes per hour for gymnasiums

      Is there not anything in the fire cert about ventilation?

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