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      Remember the big fuss about those seriously unhelpful, if short lived, road signs in Dublin. The ones covered with mysterious numbers – like M50R20R15?

      Set just at head whacking height at unlikely locations, old Mr Brennan, the baker, gave them the run some months ago.

      Well, this afternoon I saw that at least one is now back – near the OPW HQ on St Stephens Green there is one which includes the airport logo, M50 – plus some other figures, – taken perhaps from a LUAS cost overrun or similar, perhaps roads to nowhere.

      Many many moons ago there was a single airport logo sign way out on the Naas Road showing straight ahead, but nary another sign from there on till you hit the airport turn off.

      I often wondered how a non-local would have ever found their way.
      Of course we all have GPS now.

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      Those signs are quite amazing, the one on Portebello Bridge going out of town, indicates N4-N7 M50 turn left. I.E.

      In the direction of Ballsbridge and the Eastlink.

      When are we going to get a Minister for Transport?

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      Paul Clerkin

      theyre all back… theyre revised of course but still unreadable….

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      I really dont see what everones problems are with these. I think they are fine. In fact I would advocate a lot more of them around the city instead of just on these orbital routes. If you are a driver then you should be well aware by now that all roads have a alpha-numeric name such as M50. So whats the big problem if a sign uses this designation to direct you there?

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      Most places in Ireland have names, which most people, even people from abroad have heard of. Road numbers are unknown to most people. They are far less clear than words like Belfast, Cork etc.

      Neither is it at all obvious that “J xx” on the signs means Junction xx either.

      Nothing seems to exist to tell you where or what Junction is Junction number xx – unlike the motorway exits, where in many countries they follow in number order (not in the USA now) xx, xx+1 etc. Here the Junction numbers, if they have a logic, do not seem at all transparent.

      Does anyone know what the “Two canted elipses” logo means – some agency or the sign of the Red Cow? Why on a small sign do we need to have two logos taking up space.

      The signs are way too low, and way too small, -even if you actually know what they are supposed to mean.

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      I agree road signs are really only for those who don’t know their route. Therefore they should be as simple as possible.

      The removal of Green signs with the simple N4 West and N7 south for these signs was quite badly thought out.

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      The Junction logic is pretty simple. They run numerically in two concentric (inner and outer orbital) circles.
      They work up to a point and I’d imagine they are helpful for non-Dublin drivers.
      Still, there should have been a better information campaign.
      I remember getting a leaflet explaining it the first time right, before Seamus Brennan blocked them. No leaflet when they eventually went up.
      I’d also argue that the national road numbers, N1, N2, M50 and so on are very well known to anyone who drives regularly.

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      Have you noticed that most of the new orbital route signs dont fit the mounting poles which were left over from the original scheme. There’s a bit of metal pole sticking down from underneath the sign. It looks sloppy.

      Many of those 600 new signs are badly placed as well; outside historic landmarks etc. And they add to an existing problem of signage clutter in the city centre.

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      i haven’t been able to work out which direction keeps you on the orbital route, am i stupid?

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      Andrew Duffy

      The signs don’t tell you which direction stays on the orbital route. They are pretty useless without the map that is available in really tiny form on the Dublin City Council’s website.

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      niall murphy

      do they not point you in the direction of the next junction on the route. I thought they did and if you followed the arrow to next junction you’d stay on it. They are far too small though and dont indicate many destinations.

      Signposting isnt the best in Dublin. In other continental cities things such as mainline railway stations, and suburbs are heavily signposted. Visitors to Dublin must find it difficult

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      Andrew Duffy

      Edit: just to make it clear, in the first case (sign 1), the orbital route continues straight ahead; but in the second case (sign 3) it continues to the left. The white signs indicating that you are approaching an orbital route work better.

      The order of the panels is always the same, regardless of which direction the orbital routes go. They are close to useless as orbital route signs, and not very good as general signs.

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