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      Paul Clerkin

      My Theory….

      The Dawson Lounge is now owned by Thomas Reed Group…. well known for their small intimate bars….

      The Aer Lingus shop next door has been sold – ground floor and basement accomodation….

      any bets its to Thomas Reed Group… afterall they would love a bar opening onto Stephens Green…. and they can unite the two properties…

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      I think that would be a disaster. Beside there is a positive glut of pubs in this area…the last thing that is needed is another.

      Lets hope that this is just a case of a bad dose of pessimism on your part Paul

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      Perhaps they’ll see the potential publicity of retaining “Dublin’s Smallest Bar” and leave it as a separate entity. And then when it fills up the visitors can go to the new uber-bar they open on the main corner.


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      i know one of the brothers and i’d put a wager on the fact that he has enough of a hippy streak to retain it for it’s uniqueness.

      [mumbles under breath] also, hasn’t there been some talk of division in the ranks and talk of a **** ** **** of *** **** [/mumbles under breath]

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      Remember the Elbow Inn up around Mary Street? That was even smaller. I guess it’s just uneconomic to run these tiny places

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