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      I dunno if this has been brought up here before and I haven’t had a chance to look at it in any depth yet but looks interesting.

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      I think it has evolved well…

      Dublin is ready for a half loop ( the interconnector ) but not a full loop
      college green or con should be the central node.
      And a north south line

      Alot of value would be gained from short underground sections and stations in this city…
      its better late than never… mirrors?

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      this is what my take on what dublin needs crayon style…
      If there is no line in color on the map the train line is not used or closed…
      excluding freight traffic…
      some of the lines would be in decade time frames…

      I think the north loop adds to much time to travel journeys and is not needed at this stage.
      People want to be able to cross the city fast and change trains fast and get right into the centre… I also feel the current route takes away from Connolly to much. Tara st station turns into history and so does the bridge. Tara station is so close to pearse and I would assume most people head west from here in the morning???

      as for docklands I know there is has been a major study done and various luas proposals however if its going to get anything metro like I would think the end of some west line on the north side….

      off the cuff!

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      That CAT map has some good ideas actually, the city centre Luas linkup working via the docklands rather then O Connell Bridge. Always thought Line BX should have been further East

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