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      14 story apartment/office complex set to be built on the allegro site on Blackthorn road in Sandyford industrial estate near the LUAS stop.This is a totally ugly building reaching as high as possible for an excellant view of Dublin City, Just about the only good about it. Just like the residents in the Mount Anville area the locality is building a case against this.

      Especially the residents of Lakelands, a housing estate behind which the LUAS runs. Houses here will be totally blocked from natural light, meaning that the building will perpetrate the light act. Am I right? Plans of the building aree able to be seen in Londis on the uppr Kilmacud road.

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      “perpetrate the light act”

      What act is that? Don’t think there’s such a thing!

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      As far as I am aware objections can be valid if the amount of natural light to adjoining buildings falls below a certain level but I’m not aware of what that is. If an objection was lodged on that basis the developer would probably be asked to submit shadow studies and a light analysis.

      Contrary to public opinion you have right to light, but no right to a view no matter how nice it is.

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      The government have spent almost a billion providing a light rail system to the back door of the “Lakelands” so the inhabitants have the facility to be whisked in and out of town in minutes in the most modern and comfortable form of public transport available on this island. And now they’re up in arms about a high density development across the tracks?

      As Moe would say, “aw jeez”.

      “Houses will be totally blocked from natural light”? Really? What sort of laws of physics have ye out there in Sandyford?

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      Andrew Duffy

      Get your facts straight. I have highlighted the actual height of the building and another relevant piece of information. Also, the permission is currently being appealed – the case number is 06D209655

      Reg. Ref.: D04A/0200
      Decision: GRANT PERMISSION
      Decision Date: 28-Oct-2004
      Applicant Name: Mark II Partnership
      Applicant Address: The Warehouse, Barrow Street, Grand canal Docks, Dublin 2.
      Location: Former Allegro Building, Carmanhall Road / Blackthorn Avenue, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18.
      Mixed use development on the Allegro Site, comprising:

      Demolition of all existing structures on site of 3.117 Hectares bounded by Blackthorn Drive to the west and north Microsoft Industrial Campus and Carmanhall Road to the south, an existing warehouse unit to the east, the construction of a mixed use development with vehicular access from Blackthorn Drive (west and north) and vehicular and pedestrian access from Carmanhall Road, comprising 144 residential apartments (128 no. two bedroom and 16 no. one bedroom), an apart hotel of 55 units, 5 retail warehouses, a health club, 7 neighbourhood shops, surface parking and a multilevel car park with a total of 1,026 parking spaces, with a total gross floor area of 44,119 m2 (gross internal floor area including plant) in structures of varying heights ranging from three storeys (height 10metres) to 11 storeys (height 39 metres) incorporating a four storey glazed atrium. These structures are comprised of the following elements.

      1) A two storey (height 16.2 metres) structure comprising one retail warehouse (floor area 5,342 m2) at lower ground floor and one retail warehouse at first floor level including a garden centre (gross floor area 5,988 m2 ) to be accessed via the central atrium. All to be located on the eastern side of the site.

      2) 3 no. retail warehouse units with a gross floor area of 3,469 m2 (comprising Unit C1 – 1,044.5 M2., Unit C2 – 1,004.5 m2, Unit C3 – 1,420 m2) at upper ground level, health club comprising 4,306 sq.m. at second floor level and 4 levels of residential accommodation above (giving a total of 80 no. units with 64 no. two bedroom and 16 no. one bedroom apartments, all with balconies) in three blocks of 8 storeys above lower ground floor car park (height 29.5 metres) with two roof terraces at fourth floor level, all to be located on the southern side of the site.

      3) A structure fronting Blackthorn Drive comprising:

      a) Car parking at surface level and a multi level car park at lower ground floor and part of upper ground and first floor levels comprising a total of 1,026 car parking spaces, all with roof terrace over and including ancillary bin storage and bicycle parking.

      b) 7 Neighbourhood shops, of which 5 are two storey ( ranging from 214 m2 to 404 m2 in floor area giving a total floor area of 1,756 m2) fronting onto Blackthorn Drive at lower ground and upper ground level.

      c) A residential apartment block comprising a total of 64 no. two bedroom units with balconies in a 9 storey story ( height – 31 metres) structure with all residential accommodation above first floor level and roof terraces at second floor level and sixth floor level.

      d) An apart hotel with 55 no. units with balconies (51 no. two bedroom and 4 no. one bedroom) with access at ground floor from Blackthorn Drive, lobby/restaurant and bar at upper and first floor level (with a total floor area of 644 m2) in a single block of 7 storeys (height -25.5 metres) fronting Blackthorn Drive (and LUAS Line) rising to 11 storeys (height – 39 metres) to the north west corner of the site. All apart hotel units located above first floor level with roof terraces at sixth floor level and ninth floor level.

      e) A central glazed atrium four storeys in height to link all structures.

      4) A surface car park fronting Blackthorn Drive to the north and west of the site.

      5) All site development works, landscaping and all ancillary works.

      An environmental Impact Statement will be submitted to the Planning Authority with this Planning Application and will be available.

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      Andrew Duffy

      If you don’t like that building, you’ll hate this one:

      Reg. Ref.: D04A/1417
      Application Rec’d Date: 03-Dec-2004
      Applicant Name & Address: Wexele Limited 9, Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 2
      Location: Former MJ Flood site at Junction of Blackthorn Avenue (and bounded to the west by Arkle Road and to the east by Blackthorn Road), Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18.


      The development will consist of a mixed use scheme of approx. 3,825 sq.m, gross floor area commercial floorspace, 259 no. apartments and 15 no. live-work units all in two blocks of predominately 7, 8 and 9 storeys around a central courtyard with a 24 storey tower element in one of the blocks (at the Blackthorn Road/Blackthorn Avenue junction). The 259 no. apartments comprise of 84 no. one bedroom units, 146 no. two bedroom units, and 29 no. three bedroom units, and have balconies on all facades of the proposed buildings including on the tower element. The apartments are provided at first floor to 22nd floor levels. The top floor (23rd floor) of the tower element comprises a winter garden. The 15 no. live – work units comprise of 14 no. one bedroom units and 1 no. two bedroom units and are at ground and first floor levels. The commercial element of the scheme comprises of approx. 1,734 sq.m of retail / restaurant / office use (alternative uses proposed to allow flexibility in implementation ) in 7 no. units at ground floor. One of these units (C08) is capable of being subdivided into a multiple number of smaller units accessed off a public mall. An approx. 274 sq.m. gym and an approx. 322 sq.m creche are proposed at first floor level. A Club cinema (approx. 210 sq.m) for use of residents is proposed at first basement level. The balance of the commercial floor space comprises of ‘work’ spaces within the Live-work units and circulation space within the commercial parts of the proposed blocks. Vehicular access to the site will be from two points on Arkle Road. One access will be for the ground floor car park below the central courtyard. Vehicles from this car park will also exit onto Arkle Road. A second access at the southern end of the site will provide access to a rear laneway for deliveries and emergency vehicles and also to a ramp to the underground car park. Traffic from these underground car parks and from the laneway will exit onto Blackthorn Road. A total of 338 car parking spaces will be provided (37 no. ground floor car park, 301 no. two-level basement car park). This application also proposes 348 no. bicycle spaces; open space in the form of a central courtyard, roof terraces, balconies and winter garden; site development and landscaping works. All on a site of some 0.67 hectares.

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      Could i ask you how far away from the block the closest houses are neil?

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      any pics? please

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