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      Hal Williams

      I am involved in a community group trying to build a sports hall in a village. We have had drawings done and costed at about 1.3m for a sports hall with changing facilities, viewing area and some meeting rooms. After a bit of foostering around, the group involved has kind of concluded that this is simply not going to happen at this price and we need to scale back and maybe build in stages. We really only want the (indoor) sports playing surface (about 30m by 18m) and the minimum changing facilities allowed by H&S. Ideally, if we could design it to easily accommodate add-ons it would make it more palatable. We view 500 -700k as far more achievable.

      Sorry if there is not much detail but obviously there is some sensitivity about giving too many details at this stage. I just wondered if anyone from this site could throw in some ideas. What could we get for 600k (brownfield site)? What building solutions are there out there for us? What H&S requirements are there?

      Any info or suggestions would be helpful.

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      You should submitted your project for funding by the Minister for Tourism & Sport, (ie Lottery Funding ) for community groups.

      Under the health & safety act 2006 you need to appiont a PSDS (Project Super Design Stage), and a preliminary health & safety plan for your Tender package.

      Brown field site:- Any demolitions? Health & safety issues raised in terms of demolition work, contaminated soil, asbestos, etc…….

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