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      Are there any other images out there of the current Spencer Dock plan besides the aerial mock-up in the property sections this week?
      It’s hard to tell what it will look like up close, but the buildings seem as squat and uniform as the IFSC next door.
      The conference centre seems to have vanished and where is the ‘signiature tall building’ I thought the site was meant to be able to take?
      Come back, Kevin Roche, all is forgiven…

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      though seems to be pretty vacuous stuff

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      Thanks, LOB.
      Hmm… it’s more like an estate agent’s brochure than a website on ‘Ireland’s most ambitious urban development’.
      What’s ambitious about it, besides its size?
      The previous plan had to show computer-generated mock ups of its visual impact from close up, distance, bird’s eye, street-level, and, probably, the perspective of a dog tied to a garden gate in the East Wall.
      I haven’t seen anything much of this one, and E150 million worth of units have been shifted already…

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      J. Seerski

      So I take it the Nat. Conference Centre project is abandoned? McCreevyitis? Also, I have to laugh at “high class public transport” in the brochure!!!! 😀 :p :confused: :rolleyes:

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      Arghh! All the housing is away from the river! Worse – the aerial views show that the grain and scale of the proposed blocks are even cruder Scott Tallon Walker’s nearby office blocks and anything else built to date in the area. Utter deadsville. . . See how tiny and jewel-like Clarion Quay looks by comparison?

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      you have to admit though, the sales centre is great. hard to beleive it is just an ordinary prefab under all that fancy wood.

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      Ah tis awful is’nt it …..I remember the hecklers were out in force against Roche’s plan (Hiding under their beds now biting their tongues are they?)
      There was first of all our ‘Taoiseach’ B…B….Bertie who called it a monstrosity. A scheme that could have been a major financial anchor for the city of Dublin aka Canary Wharf, sure then again the poor man is feeble minded when it comes to the arts (and sports too) and to have a finance minister like McCreevy, well there’s poor judgement. There was ‘D. Desmond’, that cavalier buccanneer and savior of working class Dubs who spends most of his life and money abroad so as his does’nt have to pay tax in dear auld Eire, There was the ‘O’ Connell Street Tree Brigade’ too aka the Greens & Co and Dubs Joe & Josaphine Public who could’nt tell you where the National Gallery was…….but know what is going on in Coronation Street or how Man Utd are doing.
      Roches plan would have been more interesting to say the least than the ‘more of the same’ featureless monotony that we are getting now.
      At least with the Roche scheme the aspirations were higher, and it could have been modified too.
      Saw on the news last night a report on it, what a rip off, E300,000 for a shoebox appartment with crappy views. What pretentious mug’s too that are to invest in such an atrocious scheme thinking it’s the Bees Nees.

      What a shit website too, (images from a Photodisk book no doubt): there are no images of the proposed architecture, and they have an awful pile of horizontal shite in the spot where Roches NCC was to go, at least his glass tumbola block was more eye catching than the STW heap that is going their next to Calatrava’s bridge. Another major fuck up by the stupid shortsighted Irish people. Let the demolition balls swing circa 20 years time. Newcastle looks a far better city.

      STW, Scott Tallon & Walker = SAW, Stock Aikan & Watermann of Irish architecture….what boring c**ts…..ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and the DDDA too. Fuck it.

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      Rory W

      Ah Greg, come on the Roche plan was cack as well, a bit of soul less downtown Houston decends on the north inner city. STWs plans could have been better though…

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      The Spencer Dock scheme is only a fragment of the overall Dublin Docks development….see it on the map. It’s American Corporate style aka campus style layout as it was called would have been a breath of fresh air in what the overall scheme is turning out to be…which is what could be described as boring now.
      To describe it as a breath of fresh air says a lot for what is going on overall their now….the European role model’s poorer cousin.
      Why cannot Dublin be interesting from near and afar?

      (Jesus I could forsee all this happening such is our conservatism and fear.)

      Anyone agree in a way at all?

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      As far as I can see, the only real difference between the new plan and the old is that two thirds of the height has been lopped off. Isn’t it still ‘campus-style’?
      But because it’s low-rise, the powers that be and the public have obviously decided that they don’t have to worry about it any more, hence the extremely vague details released by the developers and the lack of debate.
      At least with Kevin Roche, you knew what you were getting. Surely a compromise could have been reached. But no, as Greg F recalls, our great leader spoke and that was the end of that. Democracy, eh?.
      The most galling thing about the developers’ approach is that at the same time as keeping the details of this under wraps (if indeed it is more than a few CG images from a low earth orbit), they’re trumpeting it from the rooftops as the biggest development in the history of the state, blah blah.
      Well, it is taking up the same space as Roche’s plan, and I for one haven’t a clue what it’s really going to be like.
      Let’s face it, the attitude to new building in this country is – as long as we can’t see it sticking up over the rooftops, it’s grand.

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      The Spencer Dock apartment development has just been given permission by DDDA to go ahead. Which should be a relief to all this who snapped up the apartments the weekend they were on sale.
      Unfortunately the social and affordable housing aspect will not be integrated into the development and will consist of isolated blocks at the back of the development. (other side of Sherrif Street).
      This stinks.

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      any good pics/models of the new scheme?


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      no intergrated affordable housing? tut tut tut. isn’t that flying in the face of one of the directives of what the DDDA are supposed to be doing?

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