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      Is there such a thing as an architects practice in Dublin that specialises in tricky domestic planning issues such as overlooking onto glass roofed extensions etc, or specialise in obtaining approval or appealing approval for such tricky issues?

      Many thanks. Been ages since I was on here!

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      Gone, but not forgotten, ro_G- as soon as I saw your name, and before I opened the thread, my head said ‘bookbinder by trade’. 🙂

      I can’t answer your query, except to say that you shouldn’t limit your search to architects. Planning consultants would be well worth checking out too, though I’m afraid I don’t know of any with that type of specialist knowledge. I can make some discreet inquiries, but don’t hold your breath. Best of luck.

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      I would think not its a very blurred line and the planners will always way in…
      Even if you present a valid argument there might be a tug or war…
      They can even go as far protecting future overlooking for future development over a car park… that doesn’t yet exist or is at any stage of planning…

      any architect/tech should be able to do some fancy sketches / screens… then take it further with 3d if needed

      just avoid dublin 4 😉

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      check out http://www.irishplanninginstitute.com for a list of planning practices in your area

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