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      Just thought I would drop this little observation here, for any students that might be currently exploring the phenomena of the governments environmental laws and rules etc, etc.

      I dunno, if it would be useful or not, but could prove interesting, I haven’t had time to research it myself.

      It is from some ancient fable or myth, the Procrustean bed.

      The Procrustean bed is not only a name of a mythological place to rest where travellers were stretched or mutilated by Procrustes, a legendary robber and brigand, but applies to any arbitrary standard to which strict conformity is forced.

      Brian. 🙂

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      Good to see you back on the board Brian,

      As a smoker I was initially sceptical of the ban, but as you say it is the law and must be observed.

      I also noticed a new structure in Bolton St on a visit there a couple of months back. I presume it was put in for the diehard student smokers; Is there any chance of a few pics and the history behind its design?

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      I’ll see,…

      Hmmmm……. (thinking here,…)…. I have found in the past year, that most of the online contributors on various sites, have got real busy or… no, thats not completely it…. rather, they have managed to get emersed into a particular topic of study or some project,…… rather than many ideas, many interests and just scraping at the surface of them…. so that means, I may have come to the conclusion of my online ‘searching’. I probably have some clue of what my new project needs to be – something to really apply myself to…. I have started reading again, crazy stuff eh? ? ? Books? ? ? ? (Can’t quite put my finger on it, but… I will probably know exactly, in about a year or so)

      (All I can say for now really, is watch this space, let you know…)



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      Rory W

      Jeez – it’s like an online Beckett play here…

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