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      Can anyone tell me if this is normal, please.

      After three years of trying to get consent in Sligo for a residential and commercial project, won’t go into the details…’s been well covered on the site, we’ve received another request for additional information, before the application is considered in its entirety or at all.

      The information needed for a planning application is :

      details of foul and surface water calculations
      projected loadings
      detailed longitudinal pipe sections,
      pipe gradients
      manhole construction details
      gully details
      interceptor details
      specifications etc
      details of foul and surface water sewers
      location,details and size of meters for each commercial development
      location details and size of meters for each residential unit
      Proposals for use of internal pumps

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      The local authority is entitled to one shot only when it comes to requests for further information, so it seems strange that this appears to be more than that?

      The RFI must issue within 8 weeks of the application lodgement. If that is the case then the list of items seems normal enough.

      Otherwise they are not entitled (although they may seek ‘clarification’ of further information submitted – but this must be confined to the matters raised in the original RFI).

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      I have been practicing as an architect now publicrealm for almost twenty years, doing some of the most complex projects, although this is my first in Ireland and have never come across such a request before at a planning stage.

      Sure, this information needs to be given, but at a warrant stage, not for planning?.

      But thank you for your response I really appreciate it.

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      Would the project shown in “how did this get planning” which I’ve just seen, have to do the same?

      Not trying to make any issue out of this at all really and honestly, just trying to get the thing resolved and the project finished, I’ve aged ten years working in Ireland.

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      Minor stuff and entirely passable to the engineers for the scheme;

      I have always found the request for F.I. an encouraging sign the request appears to be a real case of dot the i and cross the t

      I wonder why they didn’t include agreement with the water department as a condition prior to formal grant.

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      Aye well am in no mood to argue, will defer to your advice Thomond. Thanks.

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      Getting it over the line is all that counts and Sligo will be better off when you do!!!!!!!

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      yeah ……..but I might keel over first Thomond.

      And Devin I’m not trying to make a big deal over this. No issue at all here for you to be concerned about, just want it finished

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      that is normal enough alan although as was said it shouldn’t have come out in the clarification of fi… but any engineer will have most of those as standard details and the sections are easy enough…as thomond said…cross the t’s….it is a good sign though cos they have nothing else to ask.

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