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      Paul Clerkin
      Eileen Gray : dialogue en bord de lacque: This site explores the work of Eileen Gray, particularly E.1027, through a series of dialogues modeled on those of Gray and Badovici published in the 1929 special issue of L’Architecture Vivante.
      Eileen Gray: Paris, in the early part of the 20th Century, provided a fertile ground for artists of all media and genres in visual arts as well as literary and scientific fields. The names of Joyce and Beckett, Picasso and Dali, Corbusier and Debussy ring with an air of familiarity. Yet laying at rest in a quiet corner of the famous Pere Lachaise cemetry among such notables as Oscar Wilde and James Morrisson you will find the name of Eileen Gray; a woman who by virtue of her gender, personality, or social constraints of her times, has never received the acknowledgement and credit she deserves. As one of the finest lacquer artists, inventive designers and competent architects of her day, the story of her life illuminates and personalizes the world of art of her time as well as giving fascinating glimpses of this Victorian girl in transitioning to a modern woman.

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