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      Conor J

      I am looking for a good store designer. Perhaps you might be able to recommend a good one. The unit is small c. 300 sq ft and will sell food. I want a top quality look and feel.
      Conor J

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      does anyone seen a photo of 34 lennox street from like 50 years ago or something …. its one of the 2 story buildings with old style shops fronts… or is there a “old shopfront book”

      or similar shop front… its like ye olde tobaccanist shop or something like that, got lots of wooden molding on it, has small square windows…. etc

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      Rory W

      Donnybrook fair is a pretty cool shop – nice shelves, good interior design – I’ll look for the architects name next time I’m around there

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      That is probably a good idea: have a look at other shops around and try to find out who designed them. Frewan & Aylward on Georges Street in Dun Laoghaire have recently put a new front on their shop which I think works quite well.

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      Rory W

      Lafferty Design & Development were the architects – I believe they also designed the logos/branding for the shop as well

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      Participant – Have a look at these guys, they are suppose to be very good and you can use them for either just design or design and fit-out

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      I’m sure that 7 years later Conor has found his designer 🙂

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      judging by Senwod’s other post, there’s a vested interest there

Viewing 7 reply threads
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